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Hello all

I see alot of good things in T-mag by JMB and others about olive oil and nothing about olives.

why is that?

are they worse from olive oil?

I love olives ( esp. greek ones - the ones that are black and mushy)



I think they're kinda like flax seeds. People talk about taking flax oil all the time but hardly ever talk about eating flax seeds although it's OK to do so.

I personally love olives. :slight_smile:


The source is as good as the extract. Check the calories and enjoy!

I use golden flax seeds a lot instead of flax oil; how can nature be wrong??



Aboput the flax seeds you need to grind them other wise youre not getting the goodness in them.



I put straight flax seeds in my cereal whenever I eat cereal (if I eat cereal).

The taste of straight flax seeds is 100x better than the taste of flax seed oil (they have no taste, really). They're also loaded with fiber.


I grind them with my teeth. Its probably like peanuts but I haven't checked the "aftermath" yet.


From what I know, whole flax dont digest well and you have to grind it.