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Olive Oil

I’ve heard alot of great things about olive oil and was wondering how everybody here takes it. I tried just taking a teaspoon and downing it, but it tasted like shit. Suggestions?

Usually, I suck it up and take a shot of it. Other than that, I drench my salads in olive oil and vinegar.

salad dressing is the way to go.

take a forkful of mustard (dijon is good, or any good mustard you like) and whisk it in a small bowl while adding olive oil. then, take your favorite vinegar (apple cider is best, and anything else that’s not distilled white is ok too) and slowly add that while mixing. the ratio depends on what you like. toss in some fresh spices such as garlic, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, basil, whatever you like. you can make up a big batch, but probably need to fridge it after that. just let the mixture warm up before you use it again, it gets solid in the fridge.

you can also marinate chicken breasts in it, add some spices. saute veggies with it, or drizzle on after you steam them.

you can also baste slices of veggies with it and put them under the broiler. zucchini and eggplant come to mind, but you can use anything really. add some garlic, salt, pepper, and top with cheese when it’s done. YUMMM

For something that literally takes 2 seconds, it’s not worth the time trying to make it taste good. Just take the shot and be done with it :slight_smile:

I normally mix it in with natural peanut butter & cottage cheese. Also, try the light tasting type of olive oil, I’ve found it has a better taste.

Use it for salad dressing, mix it with vinegar like somebody already said.

I’m all about mixing it with peanutbutter, especially at the bottom of the natural kind that gets all dried out.

hmmm…mix it in with some white vinegar, sugar, pepper, coleman’s mustard, some mayo, some garlic…blend and mix in with a heaping bowl of chopped leafy greens and won bok cabbage.

Try a different brand?

Quality extra-virgin olive oil is one of the finest flavors in creation… At least if you are buying decent stuff for culinary purposes. But the taste can range from grassy (which I don’t like) to so delicate it’s almost flavorless, and it’s a matter of choosing based on what you like and what you’re using it for.

Not sure what brand or quality you are using, or how much you are willing to spend for something that’s basically a supplement, but I would suggest trying a few and seeing if you can find something you like. I’ve bought cheapo, on-sale EVOO for marinating and other applications where the subtleties of the oil get blown away by other flavors, and they still have a pretty good flavor on their own.


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