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Olive Oil

Will my olive oil oxidize if I keep it on the counter in my kitchen in one of those clear bottles with the spout rather than in a cabinet away from the light?

I like to have it out nearby for convienance because I am lazy and it reminds me to use it when it is out in the open.

Is there an optimal way to store it so it keeps all of its nutritional benefits or is where I keep it now ok?

It shouldn’t be a problem.

They wouldn’t package it in clear bottles if light was a problem. If the label doesn’t say “Store in a cool, dry place.” Don’t worry about it.

Light not a problem, but the heat from the sun will be (Recommended to keep easily oxidizable oils away from heat sources, like the oven), so if the temperature of the oil could be raised by exposure to the sun, then that is not recommended.

And although I have no idea what the spout you have is, it should be fine unless continuously exposed to air (As in an opened spout)