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Olive oil... what kind?

Olive oil good I hear… so what kind do I buy? During my regular grocery shopping I saw the crisco section of death… I had to squad down to find the olive oil section of goodnes… but then I see a whole bunch of em… some are “extra virgin” some are 100% olive oil? some are all natural or something… the ingredients are a bit different on em, some say they have the extra virgin stuff some say partially extra virgin and what not… so what should I look for when buying the stuff? thanks… you da mans…

Extra virgin olive oil all the way. Extra virgin mean it is not processed at all.

You want the EXTRA VIRGIN, as that comes from the 1st pressing of the olives and is the highest quality with the all the “best” natural phytochemical anti-oxidant ingrediants intact. Also choose one in a dark or colored bottle as oils are light sensitive and can be oxidized by light, so extra virgin olive oil in colored or dark bottle will be freshest and store best. Also, store in a dark location (cupboard).

hmm thanks for the advice, the stuff I have… the ingrediets are as such: first refined olive-oil, extra virgin olive oil. The label on the front says 100% olive oil, it came a glass bottle which was clear. No problem as to the light factor as my kitchen is incredibly dark (one of these years I’ll replace the broken lightbulb hehe). I’ll pick up the 100% extra virgin next time I’m at the store… thanks again

Extra virgin has a very low smokepoint so it oxidizes easily when sauteing. You can use it but you will lose the heath benefits. You are better off using a canola/olive blend. Extra virgin should be used by it self, like a condiment. In the U.S. it is legal to sell just about any pressing as extra vrgin, and some of the leading brands sell second and third pressings as extra virgin. In other words, you get what you pay for. If you want good olive go to a specialty store and buck on Spanish, French, and Italian brands n the fancy bottles. Expect to pay over 10 bucks a bottle, but you are getting the real thing. I have a few that are in the 25 dollar range, but I also have a decent Spanish brand that was only 12. Its called Siurana, and comes in a yellow can. Once you try a real extra virgin olive oil, you will easily be able to spot the phonies. The real stuff has more body to it and much more flavor. Like Heb said the real stuff will also come in a dark bottle to keep the light out.

Always 100% pure EXTRA VIRGIN. :slight_smile:

Extra virgin oil is also darker in color than the second of third pressed oils. It should also have a stronger flavor.

“Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed” only