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Olive oil VS Flax??

Everyone keeps raving about flax oil, but would olive oil be just as beneficial? It is loaded with the good fats and low in saturated. I am curious because olive oil is something I already have in the house and can get at the grocery store.

Olive oil is a ‘healthy’ fat because it is mostly monounsaturated fat. BUT, it is a very poor source of omega-3 fatty acids, which you can get an abundance of from flax. It is the omega-3’s that is causing such a stir. I use olive oil for cooking and salads, but take fish oil capsules or a Tablespoon of flax oil for omega-3’s.

Oh, if you want to get stuff easily at the grocery store, you could just buy some walnuts and eat a handful every day to get your omega-3’s.

Yeah, omega-3’s are causing a stir, but the unfortunate result is that monounsaturated fats are losing the spotlight too when they’re still important. lax oil is poor in mono’s, and olive is poor in omega-3’s. Use both. One site I found suggested that us healthy guys should try for ~60g of monounsaturated a day–that’s a lot of walnuts or natural peanut butter! Hence the olive oil.

I drink 6 low-carb protein shakes a day (Fat Fast). I use a tbsp of Olive oil in 4 of them and and a tbsp of Flaxoil in the other 2. Actually tastes the same to me.

I use about 2 tbsp of each/day. Check out the Fat Rountable article, the experts hit this pretty well, if I recall.

Just a note to be careful about cooking with oils. I’ve read that all oils become somewhat toxic when you cook with them. All but Extra Virgin Olive Oil.