Olive Oil Testing

In light of TC’s Big Dog Barking article Q&A on olive oil, and since I know many of us will be testing out olive oils now, I figured that we should all post our results and come up with a list of legit quality Olive Oils.
Hopefully we can find a quality brand that is easily availible at say Wally World or a local grocery store.

So if you test out a brand post your results here, good or bad to save the others from retesting bad brands, or if you know of a good brand already.

TC already started us out with:
GOOD-Tasso’s Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil (365)

After work I’ll pick up a couple diff brands from the store and just test em all at once and then let ya know the results.

awesome idea, thanks for initiating!

Bertolli’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I have the full bodied and mild version. I get this from somebody who works closely to the company and they had the hardest time getting 34 oz bottles for me and even the 17 oz bottles were difficult to get. The reason: they were testing to make sure the stuff they were getting wasn’t bunk.

I’ve always bought that brand and I just found this out, so I’m pretty sure I’m sticking with it.

[quote]itsthetimman wrote:
Bertolli’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.