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Olive Oil Suggestions


Never been a fan, but I'm moving up a weight class, so it's become a necessary evil.....

Anyways, what I like to do, is mix it with my tuna and use less mayo/whip. This gives it the same consistancy, but gives me my daily oil intake. For anyone that's not big on the taste, you won't even notice it...

Who else has suggestions?


Add basil, oregano, black pepper. Great dipping sauce for just about anything.


I have the exact opposite problem. I loooove the taste of my organic, extra-virgin olive oil, and if I didn't have to watch my calories I'd drown my food in it!

If you want to add calories but don't like the taste of olive oil, try:

a) buying a really high quality olive oil - you might find you like the flavour if it's a better quality

b) look for oils labelled 'mild' rather than 'robust' (some are also 'fruity' you might like those).

c) mix the olive oil with another oil to cut the flavour - I'd suggest a virgin coconut oil or just plain butter, but grapeseed would be another option. Seriously, if you're just trying to add calories, cut the oil with butter. Saturated fat isn't too big a deal as long as you're also getting your monos and omega-3 polys.

d) speaking of polyunsaturates, if you want to add calories, eat walnuts. They're a great source of omega-3s, and very calorie dense. Plus they're yummy. I crumble them up and add them to things like tuna salad (oooh, add feta too - more calories and more flavour).

damn, getting hungry now....


I add tbsp to my night time Grow! shake. It mixes evenly and I don't even taste it or notice any difference texture-wise.

Also, sometimes for a PF meal I'll have steak with a salad on the side and for my fat I add feta cheese to the salad along with home made italian dressing (2 tbsp olive oil + 1 tbsp vinegar).

I'm sure there's a ton of other ways to get some olive oil in. Those are just two of my faves.


make guacamole and add it to that too. You could probably even mix some cottage cheese and protein powder in. Then put it on your steak, chicken or fish.


I listed a recipie somewhere, cant seem to find it, it was for tuna...if anyone knows where it is, link him to it. thanks


Someone else had the right idea.

Olive oil will take on the flavors of most anything you mix with it....so mix it with stuff you DO like.

Add some minced garlic, salt, black pepper, lemon juice and thyme. Drizzle that over your grilled chicken or salad or potatos....i dare you not to like it.

Like spicy stuff?
Chop up some red peppers and throw them in some olive oil with some minced garlic and a little salt. Let it sit for a few hours.
Put it over sliced beef, chicken, whatever.

Throw olive oil, some chick peas, salt and some garlic in a blender or food processor. Hummus.
Spread it on anything.

damn....getting hungry


ok i will post it.

1 can tuna
olive oil
italian dressing
-parsley flakes

drain tuna very well, add olive oil and dressing, mix well, i personally add alot of spices, esp. basil and oregano. mix up, eat on toast or plain, tastes amazing.


If you still don't like the taste of it try this:
1 tbl spoon olive oil
1 tbl spoon flax oil
1 scoop greens first
It sounds awful but I LIKE it....
Just try it you might be surprised....


Green grassy slime?
Well hey....whatever works!


Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan.

There's about 1000 recipes in there, many using olive oil since, well, that's what Italians do. And many of them don't even involve pasta.

It's kind of sad when people are reduced to pouring olive oil into a shake. Can't you throw some asparagus and olive oil into a pan and sautee? Or a nice piece of veal? Real, actual meals aren't going to kill you. Who knows, you might actually like eating.


When I'm home, I cook with olive oil, but its kind of difficult because im a college student living in dorms right now. Was just looking for a few suggestions, you guys came through beautifully.

Another idea I liked was getting it with peanut butter. A little greasier, but good all around, and simple.


Find a decent quality oil (preferably one with an appealing flavor) and drizzle a tablespoon or two over your P+F meals.

If you're a fan of shakes you can add it into there too...it's all good.


One mo'.

Throw the following in a blender/food processor:

Big handfull Basil leaves
Garlic Cloves (3 or 4...depends on how much u like garlic)
1 cup olive oil
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
handfull pine nuts
salt to taste

Ya got pesto now.
Put it on chicken, beef, spread on sandwiches, etc.


dont put it in ur protein shake.. yea i tried it and it came back up


How much did you put and what did you mix it with? How well did you mix it?

I've been putting it in mine for about 2 weeks now and I've never had a problem with it.

Before I crash for the night, I drink a shake with:

1 cup of whole milk
1 scoop of Metabolic Drive (vanilla or strawberry)
1 tbsp of olive oil

I stir it with a spoon until it's evenly mixed, then chug it all down. Never had a problem with it at all.