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Olive Oil Spread vs. Butter?


Generally I have a very clean diet (high protein, low sugar, no processed stuff etc.) and one of my favourite meals is grilled fish in wholewheat bread. Recently I switched from ordinary Lurpak butter to Bertolli olive oil spread - I thought it was just like ordinary butter, only with olive oil (i.e. good fats) but I noticed today that it was actually 59% margarine, 20% olive oil, not 59% butter.

So my question is - which is healthier? Olive oil spreads claim to have lower amounts of saturated fats and more good fats in them than butter, but I've always heard horror stories about margarines and transfats. Can you get transfat-free margarine/olive oil blends (is Bertolli one of them?) and if so, do the healthy monosaturates in them mean they are better than butter? Or is margarine always nutritionally inferior to butter, even with good stuff like olive oil mixed in?

Edit: The Bertolli says its 59% vegetable fat? Does that mean its a butter spread or what? Sry don't know this stuff, don't wanna be eating loads of transfat crap



You need some saturated fat, so a little real butter every now and then is fine.

Have you ever tried dipping your bread in extra virgin olive oil? You probably shouldn't. It's addictive as hell.


It is awesome. My 8 year old fights me for it.


Or, try dipping in an oil and balsamic mixture.