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Olive Oil Spray


Is olive oil cooking spray essentially the same thing as regular olive oil with respect to nutritional benefits, or is it considered to be inferior?

Thanks for any insight.


read the labels


You know, I usually use regular Pam spray but last time at the store I saw they had an olive oil variety. It has zero calories so I can't imagine that it'd have any benifit over the regular spray but what the hell.


No it doesn't have "zero" calories. Spray cans are nothing but oil & propellant. The only reason it say's "zero" is because the "serving size" is all of 1/3 of a second.

Use common sense, your spraying pure oil. Granted your using less than you would if you poured it out of a bottle.

When I found out they sold Olive Oil spray I threw away all the Canola Oil Spray (Pam) I had, and stocked up. #1 Ingredient Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Can't beat it for convenience.


The above reply hit the nail on the head. The FDA allows these little loopholes that allow food manufacturers to legally lie.

Those cans are 100% pure fat.

By law anything that has less than .5g of fat per serving can be labeled fat free.

1/3 of a second is around .26 g IIRC, and as any 6th grade math wiz can tell you, there's less than 1/2 of anything in a 1/4.