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Olive oil question

How long can a premade-shake consisting of olive oil, whey protein and Orange Juice be ok (as in safe to eat) in a gymbag in room temp ?

Olive oil= Fat. Whey= Protein. OJ= Carbs. Why would you be taking all three in one meal? Let me explain… What you have here is a (PCF) meal Protein, Carbs & Fat. This is bad and a recipe for fat gain. You should only have two types of meals (P+C) or (P+F) Never (C+F) or (P+C+F) I think others here will back me up on that. Now as for your drink. I would substitute the Olive oil with Flax Seed Oil. Mix that with the Whey for a (P+F) meal or the Whey and 100Grams of grapes for 20 grams of carbs. Dont drink fruit juice. Eat fruit instead. Do a search on “The Forbidden Fruit” on this site for more detail. As for the (P+F) shake in your gymbag, use very cold water or toss in an ice cube or two and it will keep for about 4 hours.

Depends on how hot it would get sitting around ie as if the gym bag were sitting in a car in the sun etc would make a big diff. Also, it would matter as to how fresh and pure the starting ingrediants were - if any of the ingrediants were stale or contaminated with bacteria etc then the bacteria would multiply quicker at room temp then if chilled. If its going to be all day, stick the shake in the freezer for an hour or 2 before you leave and it will paritially freeze and stay cold for hours.

Not a good recipe. See the “solving the postworkout puzzle” articles at T-mag.

I know about JMB recommendation and I can´t follow them (no lectures about dicipline).
It´s amazing how 3 guys answered the thread but no one gave me an answer. Assuming you do not accept the combo , just answer this: how long will shakes be good in a gym bag at room temp: 1.OJ+whey, 2.Olive oil+whey+water ?
This board is really anal sometimes :slight_smile:

Well, let me see, the only ingredient that you have in your shake that has the potential to go bad is the orange juice. Olive oil can sit in cupboards unrefrigerated, so it’s okay, as is the powder. I would probably give it only a few hours because then the flavor would be off, unless you want to take stock of the other options given to you by the previous posters about using ice cubes or freezing the product in advance. There are too many variables in your question to really be able to pinpoint an exact time. I just think about lunches that sit in lockers at schools, containing meat, cheese, often yogurts, etc. --things that need refrigeration. They are okay to eat after sitting for 2-3 hours, so you should be alright with that timeframe. Longer might be okay too, but probably won’t taste so hot. Try the partial freezing method to be sure.

Save yourself the worry and add some ice cubes to the mix. This will keep it cold, but it may water it down a bit. Small price to pay for piece of mind. I don’t know how long OJ can sit before stuff starts to grow in it?

Once you add liquid to your protein powder you have the potential for bacterial growth, However the acid from the orange juice should keep this from happening. But i wonder if that same acid could cook your protein and thus denature it. Any one know if tis could happen. At work I cure scallops in citrus juices, and it only takes about 2 hours.