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Olive Oil Ideas. In a Shake?


Anyone have any good ideas to get olive oil in daily? Ever mixed them in a protein shake or anything. I need a good extra source of calories and would love some suggestions on a fast and easy way to get olive oil in daily...


Any reason for Olive oil? i.e. specifically why Olive oil? I can only think of using it with salad but I don't know what quantity you want to consume daily. I would look into the properties of olive oil when heated because I believe there are issues with that (IIRC) if you plan to cook with it.


EVOO has a (relatively) low smoke-point. I cook with it all the time, just make sure to not burn it. Higher smoke-points are like peanut oil and such.


If you put about 2-3 tablespoons of EVOO in a shake you will not taste it.


I mix coconut oil into my morning shake and olive oil into my pre-bed shake.


Olive oil in higher doses acts like a laxative... so be wary of that. If it doesn't affect you, then great.

Personally I love adding coconut oil, flax seed and chia seeds to get in some extra calories, just for the sake of variety.


Thanks for the feedback guys, from what Ive read olive oil is super high is healthy fats and a good source of calories. Im trying to bulk so im thinking of anyway to get extra calories. Just didnt know if that would ruin the taste of a shake.


My family's Italian so growing up, olive oil was the only oil we had around. That makes it pretty easy to get it in daily; use it in salads (obviously), but its good drizzled over steamed vegetables, for cooking (just don't burn it, like someone above wrote), as a base for homemade mayo if you're into that kind of thing...really, anything except deep frying.


Many people put olive oil in their shakes.


I've found that after about 2 weeks of constantly putting any type of oil in my drinks (flax, olive, coconut, etc.) I start to taste the oil almost non-stop. I feel like my lips are always oily and whenever I lick them I can taste and smell the damn stuff. I feel like I'm sweating oil and everyone else can smell me as well although my wife says I'm fine.

I'm trying to pound fish oil capsules to get my healthy fats. Walnuts work well for me as well.


Sweet, I will try that from now on, thanks Bonez and everyone else!


in one of his articles Shugart talks about filling up a shot glass with olive oil and throwing it back...it's quick then you're done with it


I do shots of it. Either that or mix it with butter 50:50 (my roommate is Italian and has olive oil that's way too strong). I don't like to cook with it, just poor it on stuff when I eat. Why just olive oil man? Use butter, coconut oil, flaxseeds (and/or the oil) and get the rest from fish oil. Try using more coconut oil, get the good stuff though, not the louana or whatever brand that is in regular stores.

Also, coconut oil in the shakes WITH ice gives you calories without having to deal with that oily texture afterwards, if thats an issue, and it's totally tasteless. The extra virgin coconut oil has a little coconut flavor and smell, but it's pretty minimal...


Just drink it in a shooter, 2-3 times a day.


Sweet thanks guys, ya I have been mixing flax seeds in my blender shakes too. I havent tried coconut oil yet I will have to give that a shot, just from what I have read olive oil is one of the more calorie rich oils and super high in healthy fats. Thanks for the feedback!


Just drink it.
Tastes great.