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Olive Oil EFAs?

This one is for John Berardi. John, you responded to a post a few days ago about EFAs in canola oil and suggested olive oil instead. My references, although probably outdated, show that olive oil is a poor source for linoelic, linolenic and arachadonic acid. Could you suggest a reference for the constituents of olive oil? Also a good, technical reference book for the general constituents of foods, if you have one? I am always looking for useful references works and would like to update my library.

I dont recall saying that Olive Oil has a good deal of ECA’s. I searched the old posts and didnt see where I made this statement. Either way, I think my recommendations might have been intended to suggest a better balance of fats in general including poly EFAs from fish, flax, etc. as well as monos from Olive Oils. For the record, Olive oil does not have a good EFA content. Canola oil has a bit more EFAs but still not enough. In addition, Canola has mostly omega 6’s as its poly content. Ive got a great program here to look at such things but it is an expensive program called ESHA. A good site to check these things out at would be…http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl

John, Thanks for responding, and I’ll look up that usgov site for more info.