Olive Oil Before Bed?

Who here takes olive oil at night before bed? I understand the benefit of the healthy fats that are in it, but why before bed? Are there any other positive atributes? If so please list and what dosage can this be done everyday?

i take 15ml of flax oil, mixed with some cottage cheese, and a shake, sometimes, if hungry, a small apple. P+F

Adding good fat to your protein before bed gives your body a slow digesting meal that is unlikely to be stored as fat throughout the night. It’s better to add fat to your protein in terms of muscle building for the night of fasting that your body goes through every night when you sleep.

A couple of examples would be:

Grow! + Peanut Butter

Grow! + Mixed Nuts

Grilled Chicken Breasts cooked with Olive Oil

I always add a tablespoon of flax oil to my Grow! shake before bed and take 2g worth of fishoil capsules.

From time to time I add 1/8 cup full fat yogurt to my shake too. It increases the creaminess of the shake, aids digestion, and adds some saturated fat for improved T. I keep it limited to 1/8 cup to keep the carbs low because yogurt has a relatively high insulin index. I try to keep total carbs at <10g for P+F meals.

I either use olive oil or heavy whipping cream before bed along with a moderate amount of protein.

My bedtime meal is always either Low-Carb Grow! and mixed nuts(1-2oz) or Low-Carb Grow! and Olive Oil(1-2 TB). If I leave out the fat source I always wake up halfway thru the night hungry as hell.

It’s not a magic bullet or anything. Just a wise choice to have with some protein before bed. One of my favorite pre-bed meals is banana Grow!, cottage cheese, a little Hood Carb-control milk, and some olive oil mixed togther. Tastes like a dessert.

I mix Grow! with bannana yogurt before bed. I eat it about 30 min before hitting the hay.

tuna and walnut/hemp oil/nuts for me,

or cottage cheese & nuts [with some pineapple thrown in as cottage cheeses tastes nasty]

A scoop of Grow!, flax, natty pb and coconut oil. Mix in to a pudding. Tastes like a sweet dessert.


Thanks for answering my ?'s

I take olive oil/chlorophyll/magnesium mixed in with some royal jelly for a drink(yes its not exactly tasty) and eat some peanut butter and then take my supps and hit the sack!