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Olive Oil Bad?


This video is obviously produced by a vegetarian organization that opposes the use of oils and an individual that supports the idea. However...

go to 3:35 and tell me what you think.


He goes on to talk about pretty much every other form of fat decreasing blood flow to some degree.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s a much better source of fat than lard or McD’s.

Plus, they briefly mention eliminating salt from their diets. These people cannot be the most active individuals…


The information provided on that video is incomplete at best. The idea that olive oil is bad for you because it reduced blood flow could also be attributed to the digestive process perhaps. The reason why we were told as kids not to go swim after we eat, is because more blood is directed to the digestive system and less available for muscular contraction and nutrient delivery. What the doctor in the video is saying is a statistic, but not a cause and effect relationship.


He also mentioned the American diet, and how people will pour olive oil on top of it. Is olive oil supposed to be magical? That thinking is the same as those who go to McDonald’s and get a supersize meal with a diet coke.


If that study showed it slowed down the rate of blood flow and was as he quoted “damaging”. I could care less, the way I see it the benefits out weigh this supposed “risk”.

I’ll stick with Dr. Jonny Bowden on this one. I’ll continue to use my olive oil!