Oldtimer 531 Training

Wup : Step ups, glute bridges + misch mobility,

Music : Parasite, swedish metal band formed in 1981. My first time listening to them, but not my last

Training : Im back to 531. Had to swallow 2 large camels:

1 - Russian Bear Training was to hard for me, need more time to recuperate,

2 - My life is to dynamic still, so Wendlers program suits me better, and gives me the open back door, that I can do minimum shit.

Or do jokers if by some miracle I have some extra bullets in the mag.
But it´s hard to accept how weak I´ve become.And to accept how low I’m starting

Right now diet is following/supporting my wifes, who unfortunately has been diagnosed with diabetes 2 and high blood pressure.

She is allready off the blood pressure medicin, rides her bike 10K each day, and I train her 3 times a week, plus we follow a diet with very little carbs, and a lot of cale(A Lot).

Stille working/loosing weigth to get of the diabetes pills, but slowly getting there.

She is actually very cool, with a big drive, so I´ll support as much as possible.


5 x 55kg
5 x 65 kg
10 x 72,5 kg
5 x 5 x 55 kg FSL

5 x 10 x 40 kg

Hammer Curls
5 x 15 x 12,5 kg/side

5 x 10 x bw

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Not much time to train, so I hurried up.

Packing, washing, checking lists off, as my oldest boy(15) leaves for a year at a Boarding school tomorrow.

Music : Parasite, Orm(“worm” in english)

D2 W1C1


WUP Sets + mobility

5 x 32,5 kg

5 x 37,5 kg

13 x 42,5 kg

Singles 1 x 50/55/60 kg

Supersettet with:

Band Pull Apart

5 x 20 x black band

C.G Bench press

5 x 10 x 45 kg

Supersettet with:

B.O Lat Raise

5 x 10 x 7,5 kg each side

B.O. Row

5 x 10 x 50 kg

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Not much energy, monday was exceptional cruel, but thanks to coffee, leftovers, and my good wifey, both she and I got our training done.

Music : YouTube Playlist I had named “Training”( a lot of rubbish, but also some good blasts from the past)


WUP Sets + mobility


5 x 64 kg

5 x 74 kg

10 x 84 kg

5 x giant sets consisting of:

Front Squat

5 x 5 x 40 kg

Good Mornings

5 x 10 x 40 kg

EZ Bar curls

5 x 10 x 25 kg



By the power of oatmeal/omelet/coffee I had a good training, right after breakfast, which I´m usually not able to.

Now, after a shower, delivering the youngest to a play deal/date with her class mate, and then painting my garage outside, moving around, to avoid being in the sun.

Music : Livløs(lifeless in danish), Decapitated.

Wup: Mobility, step ups, hip thrusts, ELITEFTS Motivation videos (the old stuff) on youtube :slight_smile:


3 x 60kg

3 x 68,5 kg

10 x 76,5 kg

5 sets of 5 x 60 kg (FSL)

Bench Press

3 x 50 kg

3 x 57.5 kg

15 x 65 kg

Band pull A parts , in between sets

5 sets of 20 x black band



5 x 10 x 41,5kg

Hammer Curls

5 x 15 x 12,5 kg/side


5 x 11 x bw



Crazy week with travels to a norwegian shipyard, so not much training.
Tomorrow Legoland, I´m blessed, no wait… I`m doomed.
Music : Fordærv( “Depravity” danish metal)


Wup sets

5 x 35 kg

3 x 40 kg

12 x 45 kg

5 x 5 x 35 kg(FSL)

C.G Bench press

5 x 10 x 47,5 kg


5 x 10 x 52,5 kg

Lat Raise

5 x 10 x 9 kg

Band Pull Apart

5 x 20 x black band



Fair training, wife trained too. Not really that much to report.

Music : Cabal, Soulfly(the old stuff)


Wup : mobility, step ups 2 x 10, asian squat etc.

3 x 70 kg

3 x 80 kg

11 x 90 kg

Front Squat

5 x 5 x 42,5 kg

Supersettet with

Good Morning

5 x 10 x 42,5 kg

EZ Bar Curls

3 x 10 x 27,5kg


Ha, ha Legoland is exactly that - cool in many ways - hell on earth in many other ways. One should really go without the children, but that is kinda hard to explain to them :rofl:

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Yes, so true.
We are definately taking one for the team.


Nice, but hot, training.

Actually wanted to postpone training till tomorrow, but was inspired by my wife who is battling diabetes 2, and high blood pressure.

She is allways training, riding bike every day, eating kale and other stuff.

Blood pressure is normalized, medicine for that is in the past, blood sugar levels are improving as well.
Gonna be a milestone to get rid of that pill too.
Both of us down about 6 kg each

She ain´t quitting, so can´t I


5 x 64kg

3 x 73 kg

10 x 81,5 kg

5 x 5 x 64 kg (FSL)

Bench Press

5 x 54kg

3 x 61,5 kg

13 x 68,5 kg

5 x 5 x 54 kg(FSL)


5 x 10 x 43 kg

Hammer Curls

5 x 10 x 14 kg/side


5 x 12 x bw



The lightest day of the week, nice.
Music : Parasite


5 x 37,5kg

3 x 42,5kg

13 x 47,5 kg

5 x 5 x 37,5 kg

Close Grip Bench press

5 x 10 x 50kg

Db Curl

5 x 10 x 14 kg/each

Band Pull Apart

5 x 20 x black


Congrats to you both - good work!

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Wup, mobility, foamrolling

Pis poor training.
Had some serious shitters, but managed to do my main lift in clouds of farts.
Skipped the assistance, in order to give gave my porcelain throne some freckles.

Friday/saturday, Fanø Vesterland, a mainstream musicfestival, but there will be old friends, cold beer, and probably some good burgers there.

5 x 74 kg
3 x 84 kg
11 x 94 kg

Front Squat 5 x 5
Good mornings 5 x 10
Crunch 5 x 13


Deload training at 8 in the morning. I normally train at night, but it went fine…
New cycle starts monday/tuesday nex week

Bench Press:
5 x60kg,
5 x 65 kg,
5 x 70 kg,
5 x 5 x 75 kg

EZ Curl
5 x 10 x 30 kg

5 x 14 x bw

Hip Thrusts:
5 x 10 x bw

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Deload training 2
The booze sweats, after this weekend, even without an effort.

5 x 40kg, 5 x 50 kg, 5 x 60 kg
Good mornings
2 x 10 x 40kg
Lateral raises
2 x 10 x 7,5 kg/side
Hip thrusts
2 x 10
Goblet Squat
2 x 10
2 x 10

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Music : non, besides a stupid shanty(Wellerman) that got stuck in my head, so I sang I again and again.

Wife is filing for divorce soon :blush:

Feeling a bit under the weather, so not pushing it



5 x 58,5 kg

5 x 67,5 kg

10 x 76,5 kg

No FSL today

Bench Press


5 x 50 kg

5 x 55 kg

15 x 63 kg

5 x 5 x 50 kg(FSL)


3 x 10 x 43 kg


5 x 13 x bw

Band Pull a parts

5 x 20 x black band





Music: My Training playlist on Youtube.
Note to self:It badly needs to be reviewed/sorted.

Training was fairly after Covid. Still a bit out of breath, but oatmeal and coffe and I got it done.

5x34 kg
5x39 kg
15x44 kg

3x5x34 kg FSL -ish

Supersettet with
Band pull a parts, 20 rep @ black band in between sets.

Close grip bench press:
5x10x52.5 kg

Dumbell Curl:
5 x 10x14 kg/side

Chest sup.row
3 x 10x 14 kg/side

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Music : Wifes spotify playlist: Nails, Livløs(danish metal band), Jinjer.

1.st work day after covid, so so tired. A day of ultraslow nodding(not neck training).

Comments: Tried 90 deg breathing, a part of warm up recommended by Juggernaut Training systems. My lower back felt way less fragile, really a positive experience.

Wup : Stepups, mobility



5x70 kg

5x81,5 kg

10 x 92,5kg

Front Squat:


Supersettet with

Good Mornings:


Hip Thrusts:

5 x 10 x bw

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Music: Nails, Otep

Generel comment: Conteent, no more, no less.

WUP : Mobility, step ups, Crunches, Hip Thrusts


Wup sets





Bench Press





5x5x52 kg(FSL)

Pendley Row


DB shrugs

3 x 10 x 22,5kg/hand

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Music: Slipknot, some greatest hits collection on youtube.

Generel comment: Good pressing power, despite low carb intake. Breakfast(oatmeal). Lunch was Fried eggs and baked beans in tomato sauce, dinner was a vegetarian curry with chick peas and cabbage, so very few carbs.


3 x 40kg (should have been 36kg, what ever)

3 x 41,5 kg

15 x 46,5kg

3 x 5 x 40 kg(FSL)

Supersettet with:

Incline bench supported row

5 x 10 x 17,5 kg/each hand


5 x 13 x bw

Dumbell Curls:

5 x 10 x 14 kg/esch hand

Supersettet with:

Close Grip Bench Press:

5 x 10 x 47,5kg

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