Oldtimer 531 Training


Deadlift 531

3 x 70 kg

3 x 80 kg

9 x 90 kg

1 x 110 kg

1 x 120 kg

3 x 5 x 70kg,

OHP 531

3 x 36,5 kg

3 x 41,5 kg

12 x 46,5 kg

1 x 60 kg

1 x 65 kg

1 x 70 kg


5 x 10 x 55 kg

  • Some unprogrammed AB Work

Gonna adjust it bit so I train arms on squat/bench day, and add BOR and loaded carries(sandbag in front and farmer walks), as I´m not able to remain rigid during heavier deadlifts. And more AB work in general.

Maybe som daily AB work.

Music : Disolved danish heavyband Spitanger

Preworkout : Coffee and 8 hours of boring desk work


Bench Press

3 x 54 kg

3 x 61,5 kg

12 x 70 kg

C.G Bench Press

5 x 10 x 52,5 kg


3 x 64kg

3 x 72kg

10 x 81,5kg

5 x 5 x 64kg,

SS with

Hammer Curls

5 x 10 x 13 kr/side

Band Pull a Parts

5 x 15 x black band

SS with

DB side bend.

5 x 10 x 22,5 kg


5 x 67,5kg
3 x 76,5 kg
8 x 85 kg
3 x 5 x 67,5 kg

Bench Press
5 x 54kg
3 x 61,5 kg
14 x 68,5kg

C.G.Bench Press
5 x 10 x 54kg
SS with
Dumbmotherfuckerbell Curl
5 x 10 x 12,5kg

5 x 10 x 40 kg
SS with
5 x 10 x 40 kg

A week of cold is getting to an end. Brain is still leaking yellow ropes of intelligence pudding, but the cough is almost gone.


Hip Thrust :
3 x 10 x BW

Crunches :
3 x 10 x BW

5 x 40kg
3 x 45kg
10 x 49 kg
5 x 5 x 40 kg

Good Mornings :

3 x 10 x 40 kg

Deadlift :
5 x 60 kg
5 x 70 kg
3 x 80 kg
5 x 90 kg

A very gentle round, after 2 fucking weeks of having the cold.
One day I could feel great, and then in the evening like shit again.
But now things improving, so hope the positive trend continuous.


3 x 10 x bw
Ss with
Hip Thrusts
3 x 10 x bw

5 x 67,5kg
3 x 76,5 kg
10 x 85 kg
3 x 5 x 67,5 kg

Bench Press
5 x 54kg
3 x 61,5 kg
16 x 68,5kg

Bench Press
5 x 10 x 54kg

5 x 10 x 42,5 kg
SS with
5 x 10 x 42,5

Training felt great which is a relief after that cold.
Turned 48 saturday. Must mean a lot of cake is anabolic

After having been in a car crash, my body was finally ready to be trained again, so I`m starting all over again.
Warm up was light stretching/mobility work and 3 giant sets of:

Bird Dogs 3 x 10

Dead Bugs 3 x 10

Hip Thrusts 3 x 10

BW Squat 3 x 10

Squat 531

Wup sets

3 x 63,0 kg

3 x 72,0 kg

8 x 81,0 kg

15 x 63 kg FSL AMRAP

Good Mornings

5 x 10 x 42,5 kg

Bench Press 531

Wup sets:

3 x 53,6 kg

3 x 61,5 kg

10 x 69 kg

3 sets paused benches at 60 kg, focus is being fast of the chest

DB Row(Pull)

5 x 10 x 22,5 kg

Pull a Parts (Pull)

5 x 15 x black band


Hi from a fellow Dane. (at least I assume you are Danish from your log title?)

A car crash taking you out of business for 6 months, sounds kinda serious. Kudos for getting back in the iron game. Hope you are ok and fully recovered?

Hi there.
I got rammed from behind, and have suffered a lot from neck pain and headaches.
I must say that acupuncture did good, after trying some different things.
So now just rebuilding steady and slowly from scratch.

Yes I´m from Denmark,

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Should have trained yesterday, but headache kept med grounded :frowning:

Dead Bugs : 3 x 10
Bird Dogs: 3 x 10

Deadlift Wup, 3x 69 kg, 3 x 79 kg, 8 x 89 kg
Military press: 3 x 40 kg(miscalculation), 3 x 41,5 kg, 10 x 46,5 kg
Close grip Bench Press : 5 x 10 x 45 kg
DB Curls: 5 x 10 x 12,5 kg.

Music Bersærk and Baest, 2 danish metalbands.
Bersærk I heard live 2 weeks ago at the festival Fanø Vesterland, and Baest I hear live this friday in Esbjerg.

Hey - great taste in music there :metal:

Will catch Baest myself at their October Copenhagen show

Sounds like a real struggle with the whiplash, good that you are on the mend

Thanks @doomyguy .
Yeah the whiplash is a bitch on/off. Right now it´s ok.
Beast, you should look forward to them, Fuld smadder, det var lækkert.

Satisfied with the training, which was right after watching my middle son, and his soccer team, beat their opponents 6:2. It was cold so I drank a lot of coffee, may not have been the smartest moove 3-4 hours before sleep.

Music: Temple of Void, Lamb of god.

Bench Press WUP + 3 x 54kg, 3 x 61,5kg, 14 x 69kg, 1 x 80kg, 1 x 85 kg, 1 x 90 kg

Squat WUP + 3 x 63kg, 3 x 72,5kg, 9 x 81kg.

BB Row 5 x 10 x 52,5kg
Supersettet with
RDL 5 x 5 x 42,5kg

Shrugs 5 x 10 x 47,5kg

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Oh, I do, immensely. Caught their 2019 Copenhell concert and can’t wait to see them in a smaller setting.

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General wup:
light mobility,
Air squats,
Dead bugs: 3x12
Bird dogs: 3x12

Squat: wup sets+ 5x67,5kg, 3x76,5 kg, 8x85 kg
Bench Press: wup seta + 5x57,5kg, 3x65 kg, 12x72,5 kg.
RDL: 5x5x45kg
Db row: 5x10x25 kg
Pull parts : 5x15xblack band

Music:Jinjer(signed record from last weekends concert)

My 6 year old daughter thinks Jinjer goes well with Donald Duck.


OHP: wup sets + 5x40kg, 3x44kg, 10x49 kg
DL: wup sets + 5x74kg, 3 x 84 kg, 8 x 94 kg, no singles
Close grip b.p: 5 x 11 x 47,5kg
Db curl: 5 x 11 x 12,5 kg

Crunches 3 x 13 x bw
Hip Thrusts 3 x 13 x bw.

Headache, so did minimum required

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Wup: mobility work and some jumps
Music: Decapitation, Lamb of God

SQ: wup sets, 5x58,5 kg / 5x67,5kg / 12x76,5kg
OHP: wup sets, 5x35kg / 5x40kg / 15x45kg
RDL 5x10x47,5kg
Lat.Raise: 5x10x7,5kg
Crunches: 3 x 13
Bulg.split squat: 3x10/side @bw

Read that on the 11.th it’s national brunsviger day,
Couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to bake one.
It’s basically carbs with extra carbs on

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Can’t really recall when I last had brunsviger. When made right it is an awesome cake.

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Music:Dawn of Demise, Imposter, both new bands to me. Needs more listening before I make up my mind.

Prework: dinner(leftovers) and coffee

General wup:
light mobility work,
air squats,
Power cleans: 3 x 2 x 40 kg

DL: Wup sets + 5x68kg, 5x78 kg, 10x88kg, 1x100kg, 1x110kg, 1x120kg

FSQ: 5x5x45 kg supersettet with
GM: 5x5x45kg

Pendley Rows:5x10x50kg

Enjoyed this setup.
Focus will be my lower back & deadlift from here on, as my sq, my bench and my ohp moves up easy.

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Was wozzy(I got the cold/flu) so I only did bench press.

Better luck next time fat boy.

Feeling slightly less cold. Took a nap, drank some coffee and found some discipline somewhere

Music: Xenoblight(danish metal, female lead, awesome), Lamb Of God

SQ: Wup sets, 5x61,5kg, 5x71,5kg, 10 x 81,5kg
OHP: Wup sets, 5x35kg, 5x40kg, 5 x 45kg
RDL: 5x10x50 kg supersettet with
Lateral Raise: 5x10x7,5 kg 10 kg next time
Crunches :3x14xbw


Long time no logging. You still haning in there?