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Oldie But a Goodie (Henry Rollins & Iron)



I still love this article.


It has been hanging on my wall for as long as I remember.
When people come visit me they often stop and read it, and discussion ensues.


Well worth the read. Thanks for the post!


You know, I’ve seen that article before but never really read it. I took the time to do so tonight and it was definitely worth it. Thanks for the link!


I must say, that was absolutely amazing.


Wow, how did I ever miss that? Great read!


I read this article (I think) twice on this sight at different points (this would be the third time). Almost as if I’m saying it to someone else, its volume increases each time I read it. This article should be tacked at the top of the forum imo …


Thanks for this!


When I first opened this thread I thought, shit, how many times does this article need be talked about here!??!

But then I read some of the newer or younger guys say thanks…so great job on posting this again!


Yeah this was awesome. I think we all probably feel exactly the same way, even if we don’t articulate it as well.


I’ve read this article probably 50 times, but the end is still my favorite part. That quote goes through my mind literally every single time I train.