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Older Women

What’s everyone’s opinion on dating older women. I’m about to go out with a woman who’s 33 and I’m 24.

Ladies please chime in and tell me how you would feel if you were that woman. I mean what’s your perception of younger guys. That will help me not mess up as well.


Go for it. Older women know what they want and there aren’t nearly as many games. Very refreshing. Not to mention that they’re better in bed. Give me a late-20s over an early-20s any day.

I’m 24 and like girls in the late 20’s and early 30’s. They are more mature. For the most part, they are more stable and less psycho than girls in the early 20’s. Not always true, but for the most part. They also seem to have healthier sex drives. This may reflect only my experience. Does anyone else have any other input?

warning - I’m about to state the obvious It all depends on the people involved. statement over Ususally it’s the opposite, because men generally mature slower than women, so a 2 year difference is about appropriate. After the mid to late 20’s though it doens’t matter anymore. If you are 24 and have yout shit together enough to date a 33 year old, then go for it! Age is really in your mind, I know that’s a cliche, but it is very true. All 4 of my serious boyfriends have been at least a year younger than me, I’ve never been serious about someone older.

I’m 24,and my girlfriend is 31(I mean 22,haha).She’s very laid back,and she most definetly knows what she wants.I’d be all for it if I were you,but really,age was never an issue for me.As far as the “in the bed” goes,30+ is a woman’s prime,I’m glad I’m still 110% at 24.(more so than I was at 18).I suggest you wear rubber boots,you’ll be knee deep in moisture!I love chicks!

Younger guys should go with older girls and vs versa

I don’t that that the age difference really matters, but the actual age could be problematic. A 21 year old guy and a 26 year old woman would have different needs and wants from a relationship when compared to a guy who’s 26 and a woman who’s 31.

I guess I’ll have to wait until she’s 31.

Hey older women are fine…just dont forget the depends diapers and the fixadent…ya know…fixadent and forget it lmfao…just kidding dude…good luck

There’s that old saying about turning in a 36 year old on two 18 year olds. It’s ass backwards though. I’d take two 36 year olds over an 18 year old any day. They know what they want, they already know how their body works (and they aren’t too shy to show you), and they don’t play all those games because they are aren’t confused any longer.

They are like mo-peds, fun to ride, but I wouldn’t own one.

Hey if its anything like dating a younger lady then it can’t be that bad. I just married a 22 year old and I’m 35. Wow what luck. Might I reply to the question that was before this about the T-Levels and Sex. Well mine are through the roof. LOL