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Older Women!

whats up everyone? well heres my story, i work at an insurance company filled with hot hot hot business women between the ages of 26 and 45. the problem is i am only 20 years old, so i am definitely really young compared to everyone else here. but…i am really attracted to older women and i catch them staring at me all the time, but how do i approach them? i work with one that says i am hot all the time and rubs my arms and stuff, but she says she is too old for me and that i could be dating her daughter. they dont take it seriously when i compliment them because they dont think someone my age would want someone that is their age. can anyone give me a good way to show i am interested and dont care about their age?

I’m not much help but I’ve been wondering too.

Make sure you make it very plain that you are serious. Say it in just so many words. Probably the situation is that they are scared of the “office romance”, and even if they knew you are serious, and were interested themselves, wouldn’t move. Of course, to the woman that said you could be dating her daughter, you could just say “How about a threesome?”

Hook up with her daughter then…

I started seeing an older woman when I was 29 (she was 42). Five years later, I was 34 and she was 47 and we were still together. That’s three years away from her being a 50 year old wooman, and reality suddenly set in. You may think now that you’re not getting into anything long-term, it’s just for fun, etc. But I strongly suggest that you stick to someone closer to your own age, like within 5 years.

Flirt with them. Tease them, have fun, try to spice up the conversation (but with style). I don’t think they will consider you as a partner for a serious relationship, the age difference seems too big. But they may well accept you as a sex partner, and they can be a lot of fun in bed. It depends very much on their current situation (you don’t want to get caught in the middle of some relationships/marriage problem, or even create one!).
If you really mean to pick them up, my advice would be to show them how much fun you can be and what a good time they would have being around you.

Older women don’t want romance shit. They want to fuck so just be straight with them. Just ask if they want to get together one night. The rest will fall into place. Unlike young girls, don’t be a gentleman and think “oh she’s a really nice girl, I’ll take it slow”. Expect sex and not much else.