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Older volume approach...

Everyone today in afraid of overtraining. I want to know if anyone ever tried the heavy volume approach (Scwarzennegger) where you would do 22 sets per body part and work out for 2 hours. It has worked for people even though they were on something. Is this how they got cut without cardio?

No I haven’t tried that approach in years. The problem with The Oak’s training is he failed to mention most of the time, that of those 22 sets, only about 10 were working sets. You see Arnold was a big fan of 5 sets of 5. The first 2 - 4 sets of each exercise were just warm-ups to the last “heavy sets” He was nowhere close to failure on the first few. Don’t be fooled by his physique, he had excellent drugs for recovery. Try 22 sets if you’re on gear, but don’t do it for any longer than about 3 to 4 weeks, otherwise you probably will overtrain!