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I’m a fit guy. Last year at 52, I started losing muscle and gaining fat. My primary care tested me and I was LOW. He wanted to give me a T patch. I said no. I saw a hormone specialist and he understood what I wanted. I’m on HCG, Test Cyp, and anastozole. I’m on a low dose to start, but in just 3 weeks I’m already bigger and a little stronger. Will retest blood in a couple of weeks. He wants to boost me to 1000 or 1100. It’s pricey, but I get all my supplies shipped to the house and I don’t have to think about it. One stop shopping. Down the road I may source supplies elsewhere, but for now this is a good start. Just sharing my experience for others in my situation who want to take a more conservative approach.


I’m 53 as well. Been cruising and blasting for a while now. Its gonna change your life. Better prepare your wife :smiley:


Consider not taking the AI until you feel high E2 symptoms. Itchy nipples great first sign. Let your body adapt to the hormonal changes that are going to take place. You will always have it on hand just in case. BUT if you do take it and dont need it, you are in for a few weeks of hell.


At 53 you can drop the HCG if you want. I’ve never taken it and its not an issue. I also second @newbvet, don’t take arimidex (anastrozole) unless you need it. Its also possible to dissolve it in vodka to reduce it further if you need less than a single tablet/dose. There are posts about this.


Thanks for the info. My starting estrogen tested at 42 and normal is 20. I’m taking the armidex to bring it down. And I hope that helps me shed the 10 pounds I just can’t shake with diet and exercise.


42 is nothing. Your body is adapting and will balance itself out. There is no number that is considered normal. Normal is how you feel. IF you feel great dont chase a number. First, give it 6-8 weeks and let your body adapt. If that doesnt help, split your dose in half and go every 3.5 days. Then consider lowering your dose. Every time you mess with the dosage, you are going to need to wait the 6 weeks for your body to get use to it.

My E2 was a 58 and I thought I needed an AI. I decided against it through the advice of the guys in this forum. I retained some water but that disappeared.

You are going to tank your E2 then regret it. Then there will be another thread in 6 days, “I tanked my E2, help me fix it.”


Thanks for the info. My starting estrogen tested at 42 and normal is 20. Probably why I gained fat. Armidex is to bring that starting number down. HCG is part of the package and it’s a real easy insulin needle to the stomach. I’ll do it for now.


That’s funny… This week things kicked in. We were like teenagers… :fire::+1:


Thanks. I’ll consider your input.


I strongly recommend TRT in isolation with no other drugs, “if” you experience any itching burning nipples maneuver you T dosage down if there is room to do so, if not start a very low dose AI.

You your current endo is pricy, suggest Defy Medical who staffs experienced hormone specialists who care more about your health than your wallet. How does $1200-$2000 yearly sound? Pay as you go, nothing up front. I’m a patient and love it. Defy was able to order me a 0.015 dose anastrozole, critical for AI over-responders.

It’s a telemedicine service and everything is mailed to you, consults are over the phone.


I am very curious about this. Do you know if the doctor has to be licensed in the state in which the patient resides?


Sounds expensive, lol. I’m on T only, no AI, no HCG, see my MD every twelve weeks for a blood test @$20 co-pay, and I pay 5$ per 10ml bottle of Test C 200mg. So that works out to $100 per year.

However, I wouldn’t mind having a little HCG now and then, for aesthetics, but he’s not into that. He’s a bit of a quack, but it’s working for now.

Oh, and I’m 55, on TRT for four years.


I’m working with Action Men’s Health. I’m in the boonies and no PCPs deal with hormones. I saw the doctor and reviewed my results and he answered all my questions. His recommendation made sense and it’s been 3.5 weeks with no ill effects. I’m at $200/mth now all inclusive. I found a supplier at $100/mth for down the road.


I second that. I’m 59 and have been on 8 years now but blast and cruise. The wife keeps joking that she needs a helper wife. Well, I hope she’s joking, lol!


Dr Saya has been doing TRT and thyroid for over 20+ years, he’s the medical director of Defy Medical.


Thanks @systemlord, I know that, I am wondering how it works. I did a little research tonight and it seems most states require licensure in the state where the patient is. For example, if the doctor is in Florida, treating a patient in Colorado (not sure about Colorado specifically), over the phone, the doctor must be licensed in Colorado as the doctor is technically practicing in Colorado.

Some states require personal face to face consultation with the patient prior to going to telemedicine. Telemedicine appears to be a rapidly evolving field.

I’ll go back and see if I can find the link.


Never mind, I found it on the Federation of State Medical Boards web site. They have to be licensed in the state in which the patient is located.

Thinking about it, I doubt it would matter to us, it would be the doctor who would be in trouble for practicing in a state without a license.