Older SOF Looking for a New Edge

Yeah throwing stuff into a cls bag is pretty damn smart. But i often share my bag with the unit medic and the last thing i need him to do is shoot up somebody with the wrong stuff haha. Ill probably break down my IFAK and replace stuff or add on to it. It pretty easy to print fake medicine labels these days

Dude. Where’s your 14ga decompression needle. All I see here is … Preloaded syringes of sustanon 250???.

Wouldnt using the chest decompression need be too thick for injections

You figure!! Lol.

Oh i didnt realize the sarcasm in your first post haha, i thought maybe i was missing something.

Yeah. Just trying to be a joker. Not a douche. I think 22ga is as big as I’d go.

Yeah it’s hard to needle drill somebody with a preloaded sust pen, lol

I carry all my personal stash in a hard plastic case where my side plates go, I never wear them anyway.


You know the names and places. Regardless of level, hats off to all of you warriors that volunteer to keep my family safe. From this sorry ass to all of you warriors, Thank you very much!


Popeye its funny that you say that because just the other day i was thinking about how i need a new plate carrier that has elastic on the sides rather than side plate holders like mine. I started ditching my side plates last year after i realized how much easier it is to move inside these damn mraps without them maybe if i can use the space for something useful ill save myself some money

yeah man if your not mobile your dead. I have to get in and out of EP vehicles and those fucking locals hillbilly armored soup sandwiches rides all the time. I fuckin hate it, but Im going to stop there cause this could go on for hours with me and might get homicidal at the end, lol

But seriously fuck them side plates to hell…

Hahaha soup sandwiches thats the first ive heard them refferred that way and yeah i agree ever time i start thinking about half the dumb shit we have to do with all the damn gear we barely use i get very agitated

Reading this thread a few things have come to mind.

The military should allow steroid use. I know over here in the uk steroids are legal so it’s a bit simpler for the army over here. Anyone risking their life for their country should have ready access to all tools that help keep them alive and do their job better. Steroids to my mind fall in that category.

You face a difficult choice, if you don’t know when you’re going to be deployed. The way I see it you have two options, either run short estered gear and orals so you can short a cycle anytime and have enough pct meds on hand to pct in the field. I personally think that option sucks, it’s bad enough doing pct anyway, I can’t even begin to imagine doing that and needing to be in peak condition.

The option two is to run very long estered gear, such as test decanoate or isocaproate and eq or deca, then make sure you have pct meds like before and enough ai to last while deployed. With long estered gear like that it will take eight weeks to clear so you would still reap the benefits of being on whilst deployed, and your come down from the cycle will be very gradual. Take some andriol with you and you can extend things even more without needles. Also with long ester gear you could in theory manage with a shot a week or less at a push if you can carry shots.

Popeye, i dunno if were allowed to ask but what is a reliable way to get what im looking for

We can’t ask or give sources on the board, but if you research UGL and check other forum boards you can find what your looking for pretty easy.

Ok ill look around. Im going to do a test c cycle for my first one. How many weeks would be most effective to do that.

Also for pct when my cycles over how often and how much clomid do i need to take and for how many weeks?

Thanks again for all your help

Well you have several options, but as suggested by a previous posted get your lab work done and actaully see if your T levels are low. If they are not low then a standard cycle would apply with of course AI, HCG and proper PCT.

These two link will give you everything you need on cycles, SERM’s and PCT.

If you need TRT then you will always be using test every week for, well ever. It will pretty much make pct null and void until you make the descision to try and come off after a very long time, which is all together a whole other long topic.

Cycle length is again up to you. There is no set length as many believe. I would suggest 10 weeks being the very minimum for a test cyp cycle though but nothing wrong with an extended test cycle of 16-20 weeks.

Your usage will have to be scheduled according to your time frame and needs.

Ok i think ive got it all figured out. My only question has to do with arimidex. All of the example cycles i can find use arimidex and only the guys using a shit ton of steroids are using anything else. I can only find proviron and aramisol (sp?) what kid of dosing are those done in?

We got to figure out a way to talk one on one

Hey sorry I’ve been absent, we were short notice gettin ready to push out and then it got canceled last minute. Good news, i actually got a cpec class date for monday. (April 15)

[quote]Ghillie wrote:
Hey sorry I’ve been absent, we were short notice gettin ready to push out and then it got canceled last minute. Good news, i actually got a cpec class date for monday. (April 15)

Popeye does you pm still not work? I could give you an email address or something[/quote]

Good luck on your Sniper class bro. I spent 8 years in the Corps from 97-05 and 7 of those as a Scout Sniper. My last 2.5 as a Sniper Instructor at division schools. Worked with 1 of your guys in Afghanistan back in 04. Nothing like droppin bombs on the bad guys!!

Good luck Bro, if you got any questions while your in school shoot me a PM or email or something.