Older newbie advice

What would you guys consider to be the priorities for an older beginner? If you were close to 40 and wanted to focus on the most important(benefical) aspects of BB, what would you consider them to be for an older guy? (as far as training, nutrition, supp’s and the like)
And, what are the biggest “dont’s” or “waste’s of time” to avoid?

(39 yr old male; 5’11"; 180-185 lbs; want to add a little mass(10-15 lbs or so))

Thanks in advance.

Start with the beginner’s blast-off program then follow the don’t advise.
Best of Luck.

Read all of the previous T-mag issues. That should give you a lot of info to start with.

I agree with Jason. Also stay away from the routines outlined in the popular body building magazines, such as Muscle and Fitness, Flex, etc. Iron Man used to be one of the best about 30 years ago but that too is now all commercial.

Go back to the search tool and type in: dawg school. Here’s a good one to start you off.






Supp's: click on the biotest web site and order Tribex-500. I think at 39 you'll like it!!

Start slow, don’t take things too fast, make weightlifting and fitness a part of your everyday life and lifestyle. Once you’ve really incorporated it into your life (like you find yourself worrying about how you’re going to get your fifth meal of the day in between taking the car to the shop and going to see your kid in that school play), then you’ll be at a point where you can take yourself in different directions. But to start with, be consistent, be constant, be committed. Good luck!