Older Male on TRT

Flame Away . . . But here’s the thing, I’m currently a practicing M.D., with TWO undergraduate B.S. degrees. One in Physiology and the other in Pharmacology and I’ve always been at the top of my class. I’m not trying to give my CV, just saying I’m not some 20 y/o looking to try and get some quick gains so he can fumble his way into some 18 y/o drunk coeds panties in Cancun on Spring Break this year (As noble a goal as that might very well be).I’m just saying that there are more of us older guys out there all the time and if we’re lucky we all get to be old someday, so if this is a huge fail here, I’ll live.

I’m 38 and I was a college athlete. I have been weight-training since before I can remember (prob 9 y/o legit), but with supplements since around 9th grade. Early on just Amino Acid liquids, then when I was in College is when creatine hit and I used that, HMB, the original Ripped Fuel, and Myoplex. Later in med school I used the first NO2 that came out but NEVER anything else. Some time in residency I started having hypogonadism symptoms, got tested and was off the charts low T, and despite a full-fledged work-up my Testosterone was like an 80 year-old man for no apparent reason and this has been confirmed repeatedly.

I can’t convince anyone I never used anything but IDC. I’m also tolerant to Test Cyp and prescribed 200mg IM per week just to stay in the lower 1/3 of the normal range. I know that is a lot and I will likely have issues down the road, but much less of a dose and my levels fall to 200.

So, here is the thing . . . I still mostly “look” like an athlete and am lucky to have all my hair, but I don’t feel like one. I feel pretty weak and lethargic in the gym and have tried trainers etc, but it’s not like I don’t know my way around the room. I know much of this is b/c my workout times and frequency have been reduced due to my workload, but that cannot be helped and my diet is still decent but I plan to and know how to clean it up.

Lastly, needles clearly don’t bother me and cost is not an issue (except I don’t care to pay GH prices as someone who doesn’t compete anymore). So my question of a few of the older cats out there is firstly: Any chance of getting back a bit of the firmness with some loss of the excess softness with 100mg Anavar ED since I’m already on the dose of Test Cyp I am for my TRT? Secondly, if the Anavar question is still the same old girls-only headline, what suggestions are out there? I don’t expect the meds to do the work for me, but I feel my situation may becoming more common. My last thing is, on TRT there is likely very little reason for me to do PCT except surprisingly I’m not infertile (at least before the TRT) and I’d like to keep the PCT to a minimum in case I ever want that back and b/c I see the sides of these agents every day.

Any input from the pros would be greatly appreciated. I have the knowledge, but I can’t get in the gym and try every possible combo of every possible agent available but a community can so it is to the communities’ input I submit. Thank you.

i’d get your test to a high normal range, and if you can’t, investigate why.

anavar might work great for a cycle for you, but if you don’t figure out the testosterone issue, it doesn’t matter, because you won’t retain much. honestly, i guess i’m surprised you’re asking that question here…