Older Lifter Starting Back After 4 Month Layoff

Now in my second week of original 531 three day template. I have found out I am in way worse shape than I thought I was. I came across the Beginner Prep school in 531 forever and thought it might be a better option for easing back into training. Any thoughts on which may be a better option???

Pretty much any program will work fine if you back off the weights enough. Set them so lifting is easy-ish and then progress steadily without getting impatient and jumping ahead, and you’ll do fine.

I’m 43 . I hadn’t been in a gym for 20 years. I started with a 5x5 program for from the bar up. Took me about 2 months to reach my backs max. Worked on form and diet. Then discovered the 5/3/1 program. Like the fact that I’m getting a little stronger each cycle. But not exhausted all the time like I was at the end of the 5x5 program

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Four months is fuck all, yes you might feel a bit rusty but you should be back in the swing of things within three to six weeks, stick with 531 original five pros for six weeks and ramp up volume or weight from there