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most unpopular thread finally gave up is ghost, and I get to start over.

To answer Pete's question about "why under 130 BPM heartrate". the easy answer is "cuz shelby starnes said so", since I am trying to do his very low carbohydrate diet.

i was gonna drag my sled on sat morning before work, but it was raining, so I went to work early and climbed the stairs. its a 4 story building, so I figured I should be able to get 30 minutes in. i was going nice and slow, trying to keep under 130 bpm, and when I hit the 3d flight of stairs on the 3d trip, my knee said "fuck no" and started burning. as i have frequently bitched about, my lateral miniscus is pretty much worn away, so i had to stop.

Pete, I am going to try this "walking" thing you spoke of. I don't have to bend my knees very much when I do it. maybe after I get used to this "walking", i can carry something while I walk, and that will help me feel less feeble.

If my knees oblige, I will deadlift today. if they don't, i will deadlift poorly.


I think that was Harry wondering about the bpm. I don't care. I say, just walk. Do it at a decent pace. Keep it simple.


yes, dark master.......


5/3/10 5/3/1 deadlifties(1) cycle 9
360x 8 (14 lb PR)

my most excellent training session EVER. 7 would have been a PR but I pushed it for 8. the calculator says 456, so I am in a good position to pull 500 by year's end.

Before I went in, I was thinking about some things I've read (and posted) in the 5/3/1 forums, and I realized that if I want to hit my deadlift goal, I should really concentrate on my deadlift. so, until I pull 500, all my other training sessions will be considered accessory work for my deadlift. its embarassing, weighing 300 lbs and not being able to pull 500.

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Sweet deadlifting. You'll pull 500 by years end.


Good decision. 500's very doable for you.


Good work, for someone on 5/3/1. I am training on a program called 6/4/2. It's what Wendler really uses....


Nice work, 360x8 is good work.

you can pull 500.


I'm on 1/2/3 very simple program

1 Get to the gym
2 load the bar
3 Lift the bar

Actually been using a Westside template for as long as I can remember. Everyone is doing this 5/3/1 thing so I may read up on it and do a couple cycles, just for the variety.


This sounds so much better. I MUST HAVE IT!!


main reason i started 5/3/1 was time. i was doing dave tate's 9 week beginner thing, but i lift on my lunch break, and it was taking too long to get through the session. plus I was getting hurt every 3d or 4th week. I tried 5/3/1 cuz i fingered i could get in and out in an hour. Its worked out real well for me, maybe just cuz i'm so stinking old.


5/3/1 sounds too thinky for me.

Should the thread be 'larder ass' or 'lardier ass'? I'm a bit stuck on that one.

Good deadlifting too :slight_smile:


Actually, there is a neat spreadsheet that makes it idiot-proof (as evidenced by my using it). And I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that mj is the sentinel of said artifact.


Indeed I am. as a matter of fact, I just sent it to a new accolyte this morning.


thanks. i don't have any more trouble figgerin my lifts than I did using the tate/westside-type program, since that was all percentages as well. actually, its easier with 5/3/1 (for me anyway) because I don't rotate movements very often. the spreadsheet does make a difference. let me know if you want to try it...


5/4/10 5/3/1 Bench(1) cycle 9
260x 6 (needed 8 for a PR, so took a single at 300)

The 300 came up nice and even. 305 is my real world best on bench, although the calculator says i should be able to about 320. I haven't tested it for a long time, so I like this idea of taking a single when I can't get a rep pr.

Besides, bench is just a deadlift accessory now.

kroc rows was tuff. grip was still toast from deadlies on monday, so couldn't keep hold of the bar after the 2d set, so I went to sets of 10 singles. the 1-2 second reset was enough to let me keep hold of the dumbell. I think in the future when I have to do this after deads with no rest day, I'll go with a heavier weight and do the singles. I do Kroc rows mostly for my grip, so the weight isn't enough to do much for my back, so I'm thinking if I do it as singles, I can use enough weight to do something for my back.

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Jim would be proud of you. Great training John.


5/7/10 5/3/1 squat(1) cycle 9

Cleans 155x8 (+4lb PR on calculator)

Squats 350x4 (needed to be 7)

no accessories, fled the gym in shame.

got all twisty on the last rep and tweaked my back. when my mind gets weak, it stops trusting the bad knee, and tries to make me shift the weight onto my right leg. plus I set up like shit, and I was high, and my ass came up first.

I have to think that much of this is because (a) i have really been shooting my wad on deadlift, so everything else suffers. i expected this. (b) I have to rehab my left leg. between no knee cartilage and a twice-torn calf, I have learned to walk differently, and that has caused several muscles to be sleepy. I need to awaken them and rehab them and make them stronger so I don't get all twisties when I skwatt.

For the deload, and the next cycle, i will be working hard outside the gym to bring the left leg back up, and try to do a little conditioning. I am going to drop my squat training max by 10 lbs instead of increasing 10 lbs on the next cycle. do more reps while I bring the leg up. Keep spending it all on the deadlift until I hit 500.

I haven't lost any lard for awhile. but I walked for 15 minutes yesterday and today. making some changes with the diet that should help.

baby steps Harder,
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you doin' that complex diet? Eat Less, Move More?

I've gone the other way and am letting the deads coast a bit to see if my bench can come up.

nice work! - no shame


If you don't get injured once in awhile you're not lifting hard enough (sounded good). Hope you feel better tomorrow.