Older Guy Wanting to Bulk

Hi folks - my first time here.

Been lifting since Mar 2004 when I was 203 lbs and had a bodyfat ay 28%. Today I am 163 lbs and bf is 17%. Been taking 200mg Test Cypionate every 3 weeks under doctor supervision (my test had dropped significantly over the years). Feeling great. Turned 60 on June 19th. Seeing muscles coming in gradually and losing fat. However, still have some fat remaining at the belly and love handles - using AbSolved regularly. Eating very clean.

HOWEVER – want to bulk faster and see visible muscle build-up. Was considering HGH (my doctor not interested in giving it to me)and also looking into a steriod such as Decabolin. ANy suggestions?.

wow nice progress!!!

Sorry I cannot contribute much, I have no idea where to start offering assistance bulking at 60. Im hoping some vets will help you out as im interested in their suggestions as well.

As far as steroids are concerned, are you sure you need them since you are still gaining muscle? Maybe try increasing your calories to see how your body reacts for a month or two…

Considering you’ve been lifting for 2 years I think you’re getting a bit carried away with the steroids. You’re already on test cypionate so I think if you just continued to progress, ate well did your cardio etc. you would put on some nice muscle mass.

Keep reading just don’t stop lifting.

My father is 50 and gets very frustrated that he has to fight for every single pound of muscle gain. He has also asked me my thoughts on adding some Test to his regime.

Here is what I suggested to him and will pass to you as well.

Tell your Doctor.
Even if he doesnt agree with you, (wich he most likely wont), the doctor will hopefully bring you up to speed with any apparent dangers you might face.

It sounds like you already have a pretty good relationship with your doc since he has you on some HRT, just come out and say what your plans are.

I dont think its wrong either, It is depressing watching my dad and others in the gym working their asses off and not getting very good results.

Just my 2c.


looking at your progress, you have lost lean mass. You don’t want to slap on bulk, eat clean, expect and accept slow steady lean tissue gains.
What were you doing now? It isn’t working too well. With the pharms help, you could literally do stuff wrong and gain.

Post your routine.