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Older Guy, Newbie Question


Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I hope it doesn't sound too dumb. I started to go to a gym about two years ago to encourage my son and quite enjoyed it.I'm near 45year old and hadn't lifted weights since I was I my mid twenties!

Anyway I worked up to a 150kg (330lb) squat a 120kg (264lb) bench and a 200kg (440lb) dead. Now I set myself a target for this year of 140kg (308lb) bench 200kg (440lb) squat and 230kg (507lb) dead.

My question is: Is that realistic or even possible at my age? If it is possible how long can I keep adding to my totals before age slows it down?
At the moment I'm doing Texas method three days a week.
I need to add 15 kg my 5x5 bench, 20kg to my 5x5 squat and 25kg to my 5rep dead.
Thanks for. Any advice you can offer.
I'm 5'11 and 100kg
(Sorry for the confusion, I will post in Lbs in future)


Very possible. Like 6 months or less possible.


Glad to to hear its possible. Six months? Really? What would be the best way to get those numbers in six months?


As stated, you will meet and exceed those numbers. My advice to you is not to limit your expectations based on your age. I'm 45. Keep your focus where it is...small incremental gains.

Do the program as written and stay consistent. You will have crappy training days, just keep plowing along. You'll see a huge improvement over the course of the next 6-12 months. Good luck.


Thanks very much. I'll keep plugging away!


How much do you weigh? Those numbers should be easy to hit with a bit of work.


Ya, OP didn't post his size so its tough to gage.

OP, stuffing your face full of good food is also going to help hitting better numbers.


Serious question - Do you still get boners most mornings?


I weigh about 100kg. Trying to eat relatively cleanly. I'm carrying a fair amount of fat but not overly concerned about that right now. T1 diabetic also, but that doesn't really affect things as long as the numbers,are good going into training.


Am I miss reading that you have been going to the gym now for about two years now?


Yes we started about 18 months to two years,ago. To start with we weren't very focused. This year I want to try and move forward.


Haha I can answer for myself...i'm 50 and still wake up with the little guy saluting me and the Blue Steel Throbber anthem blaring in the background.


I think Pigksticker is try to imply the OP might be suffering from low T levels.


First your underestimating what you could accomplish in a years time.
My first word of advice would be to find someone who can teach you proper form.
Im I guessing correctly you lift at a fitness center and or some where that doesn't have many stronger individuals.


How did you come to suspect low t levels? From the low numbers of the weights lifted?


To clarify: OP, your lifts are in kilos, yes? I think some of my fellow Americans are (mis)interpreting them as being in pounds, which is leading to some confusion concerning where you're at development-wise as a strength athlete.


Yeah .. if the lifts are in kilos that changes things completely


My belief as well.

OP, I think some of the guys are giving advice as though you only bench 120 pounds.

Fellas, please pay a little more attention.


Well no one was being disrespectful.... unlike other forums on this site.


TBH, I read the numbers as pounds myself the previous time I visited this thread. (I typically don't spend much time/comment on posts in which an OP is seeking advice about getting stronger, as such is not something I know much about). It was only upon returning and noticing that OP had reported his BW in kgs that I put two-and-two together--that is, assuming I'm right about the units confusion.