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Older Guy Needs Cycle Advice

So this older feller I’ve lifted with for a few years calls me up today asking for some advice. He says he wants to do a cycle and wants to know whats best for building more strength and mass taking in to count his age and what not… I initially told him to just keep training and not to worry about getting on the gas cuz he already looks pretty good for his age but then he confessed to me that he had done a cycle of test last year and didn’t say anything about it…

I been lifting for about 9 years and if it were diet or training advice I could probably help him out, but I’ve never taking anything other than andro (when it was legal) so I really dont know shit about this stuff. I’d like to steer this guy in the right direction and get him decent stuff to make sure he doesn’t get himself fucked up by buying some jacked crisco oil from some college kid or whatever.

Anyway this guy is about 5’10 190 or so and hes 48 years old, and he’s been training for probably over twice as long as I have and he looks pretty shredded, especially for his age. But he wants to get more mass and strength gains that he cant achieve with his diet and supps alone. So any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Tell him to first off all do some of his own research. No need to ask somebody to do the research for him.

Second, big chance his test levels are low enough where one of these new-age, “we breed young men again” clinics will put him on a testosterone replacement that will do wonders with time. He’ll also be assured of using real, legal, and clean gear if he goes this route. They might even throw in HGH if he has the money to do so which will really help him transform his body (not necessarily with sheer size, however) over the next 6 months.

Other than that, it sounds like he’s already done a cycle so I’m not sure what the issue is. Just use more testosterone, he doesn’t need anything else. 500mg/week of a long estered testosterone. Maybe some dbol at 30-50mg a day for the first 5 weeks if he wants to add in something new.

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Don’t really know much about these clinics you speak of other than hearing a radio commercial for them a time or two, but that’s only because i live in las vegas. Where he lives he would have to travel 9 or ten hours at the least to find one of these clinics (which I’m sure is a joke anyway).

This guy don’t have a computer, he’s pretty old school…so i figured i’d poke around and see what advice i could get from you guys cause I was also curious about his age and all that. Anyway, you two have been very helpfull.


He could just go to his doctor and have his test levels checked.