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Older Guy Changing His 2x2x2

Good afternoon,

I have been doing 2x2x2 with Squat/Bench on Monday and Dead/Press on Thursday

It is taking a little long to recover and I have stalled on a couple of lifts so I going to take a couple steps back and start focusing one main lift a day still following 2x2x2.

I have seen several of the other recommended plans for “grey pubes” (I am 57) but came across this in one of the posts by Jim and liked the layout. Do you think it is too much volume for an older guy.

Also, I have arthritis in my knees and feet and jumps just kill me. Any ideas on what to replace them with?


Squat/Deadlift (alternate every week) - 5/3/1, PR set
Squat - 5x5 (FSL)
SLDL - 5x10

Do chins/dips/pushups between your sets.


Bench Press/Press - alternate every week (5/3/1, PR set)
Bench Press/Press (alternate every week; do opposite of the main lift) - 5 x 5 @ FSL
Rows - 5 sets of 10-25 reps
Do abdominal/low back work between sets

Agile 8 x 2 times/day
Bike/Walk/Jog - 4 times/week (easy conditioning)
10 jumps/throws prior to each workout


Age is just a number!! Try to keep that mind set. I’m 40 myself and I’ll do anything I can to keep in shape. I work with a guy whose 54 and he spits 10 k out for breakfast!
You should give yourself a pat on the back for still working hard and keep at it

That program looks awesome! Well balanced. Doesn’t look high volume at all.

Don’t know what to tell ya on the jumps. I’ve started taking them serious and they do help when you start your work sets, it feels lighter.

Also you should check Jim’s article on this site called "Worlds Simplest Training Template ". I’ve used that as my guide for years.


Explains clearly how to organize your training

I believe throws can be used in place of jumps, especially if the risk outweighs the reward, you’re still priming your CNS with throws. Maybe do throws on upper body days and hang power cleans on lower body days?

I do things like single leg ‘jumps’ with resistance bands, but my feet never leave the ground, I come up on my toes at most. That takes a lot of pressure off my shitty knees and seems to work well.

Thank you all for your replies.