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Older Guy at the Gym


At the gym today, saw this crazy older guy, must have been a farmer or old footballer, long sleeve work shirt, jeans, work boots, even had a brimmed hat. He was doing some deadlifts around 200 lbs, some bent over rows, some seated rows, no B.S. Dude was tearing it up.


it just goes to show, you dont have to look like you work out to kick ass in the gym...if that makes any sence


There is a blind man who comes to my gym. He told me he is ex army. Has badass tattoos, wears an eye patch, and comes in and lifts hard. He is strong, fairly ripped, and lifts hard.

Dude brings his freakin seeing eye dog in with him.

I want to be that bad ass.



You should look like you work out, if you kick ass in the gym