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Older Can Be Better


What a bench day and I deviated from the plan.
Warmups with the bar for 12 reps 3 different handplacements 4 reps each.
Stretch and warm shoulders.
Then 12 with 95 same as above.
Then 135 for 9 varying the hand placement 3 time 3 reps each.
Now to get serious. Sets of 10 with 175 that felt strangely light.
Then 200 lbs for 10 reps and again real light.

So I decided to not do 215 for 10. I went to 225 and proceeded to do the set. About the 8th rep I discovered I was not feeling tired, then at 10 I ddid not want to put the bar back. So I went to 12 reps and stopped because I was shocked at what I had done. Normally I would then do a down set, but I kept the weight at 225 and did another set of 12, an incredible PR.

Then to the decline dumbbell presses 3 sets of 10 with 60 and need to use more weight. This should make my chest look perky.

Dumbbell rows, 3 sets of 12 with 60lbs. To back up the bench.
Shoulder trisets 2 of them with 20 lbs dumbbells and 10 reps each exercise. These were side laterals front raises then rear flys. My wife likes my shoulders.

Overhead tricep extensions, 3 sets of 12 with 60, 70, then 65. This will toughen them up so the wife cannot take such a big bite out of them.
Barbell curls sets of 12 with 40, 60, and 70. I am now getting an admiring glance from a nookie girl. Damn life is good when you are a dirty old man.
Then decline crunches for 4 sets of 15 and outta there in an hour and 5 minutes.

I am stoked, I am fired up, and there will be old people kissing tonight. Might even make the step kids sick and kiss in front of them.



Looks/sounds like you had a great workout!

Any idea why? Music, empty weightroom, different time of day or did you get more rest than usual?


You'll know when you're too old as the warm up will last longer than the workout :slight_smile:


Actually regular bunch in the gym, I do not notice the music, and my usual time of day. Some things lately though, I have brought decline presses back into my training. Also my protein consumption is up, my wife is cooking better. Also I feel my conditioning program coupled with my no bench bench workouts helped.


Sensei, nice work. 12 x 225 should take you to 300 lbs plus for 1 rm !


Actually last meet cycle I did 215 for 3 sets of 10 early on, then 11 weeks later hit a 374 and damn near made a 402. Missing it by about 5 inches from lockout.

Of course I had the excitement of the meet going on, other lifters spurring me on not to mention college girls watching, and my wife ready to kill me if I looked at them.