Older, But No Wiser

Just a rant here. A lot of us on here compete in various sports and activities. Well, my main field of competiton is Master’s Track and Field, specifically the throwing events. Depending on the governing body and the event ages can go from 35 up. Senior Olympics start at 50. So what’s my rant. Drug testing! Or, I guess I should say, the need to drug test. I really never considered (naively, I quess) anyone at these meets would be using performance enhancing drugs.

Seems however that several competitors have tested positive for various substances. And no, not geritol. I won’t get into the roid debate pros and cons and the use of drugs in sports. I do know if your using “stuff” at our age you got a serious problem. Let’s face it, what’s to gain? There’s no money involved. Not a whole lot of products looking for our endorsements. Bragging rights is about it. And if it’s that important to you there are some other issues you need to resolve in your life. Just venting. As long as they are checking for Jack Daniels and chicken wings I guess I should pass.

Ditto on the chicken wings and JD, Hel - two of the few vices I still have left in my life (LOL). Same for the rant, though I’m a bit surprised; the other weight throwers in the senior meet I was in (granted, not one of the premier events) looked like they hadn’t seen a weight room in years.

Nice Rant! I have seen some senior guys that are definitely on vitamin S, not that I have a problem with it, unless they are competing. Some of my friends use HGH to help with recovery and the aches of being an older athlete.

Myself, I have never used anything more that animal pack and protein, not because I didn’t want to but because we couldn’t. I wasn’t getting popped for a drug test in the USAF for D-Bol much less pot. But I digress, I think the risk vs reward is too much. If it isn’t putting food on the table why risk it?


Couldn’t agree with you more! I echo your thoughts. Of course, back in my officiating days I never understood why Jr High football coaches were more concerned with winning rather than teaching fundimentals…

Oh well, I’m starting to digress.

Helo, that subject is constantly on my mind. I did my research years ago and made up my mind to stay natural. Now I’m trying to do something most everyone thinks is impossible. So if I succeed and even when I pass the drug tests there will be many that won’t believe I did it clean.

I’ve excepted that fact and as you say there’s no money in it only bragging rights. To me however living a lie would simply eat away at me and most likely take years off my life.

To me at this age it’s not about winning or losing. If you’re still in the game at your age you’re a champion in my eyes. Stay strong dudes we’re still here and that’s what it’s all about.

Couldn’t agree with you more hel. My drugs of choice are Advil, and caffeine.

If you challenge yourself to push the limits in weightlifting,using roids defeats the purpose.Anyone can get strong on them,training without them and hitting big lifts says it all.Of course Jack Daniels and chicken wings is the choice of masters champions. Jimmy T