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Older Brotherhood of Iron


Tired of trying to follow your favorite Old Lardasses, Steely D's, KMC's and Skidmark's threads ?

Here's the place where all the cool old guys hang out and post their workouts.

You can still find other more personal postings in the various threads, but if we all put our basic workouts here a la the Brotherhood of Iron we won't have to visit 9 or 10 (or 20) threads just to say, "Nice work bra".

I'm sure this will go over like a Led Zeppelin, but thought I'd give it a shot.

Peas. Owt.


I hope it works this time...


Squat Day
320x6 (Rep PR +1)

High Box Squat (18" box)
335 5x3 sets

Ab Wheel
15x2 sets

Hanging leg raises
8x3 sets

Made sure to touch elbows to thighs on every rep. Still chicken-winging a little, but overall much better. If you turn the sound up a little you can tell I'm straining a bit...

Practiced forcing the knees out on the box squats. Made a big difference in how well I got off the box. the first set, which I videoed, was the worst set.


5 May 2009
Week1, wave 1-5?s
Bike 10m, sh rehab, ytwl
Deadlift (tested max 325, training max 295)
WU 135x8, 165x5
Working 195x5, 225x5, 255x12 (1rm eq 357)

(wimped out, should have taken my own advice and performed a full setup each time. Then it would have been strength not oxygen debt that stopped me. Live and learn?)

BBB DL 150# 5x10
Ab wheel BB rollouts from knees x10 (First time doing these one set is all I could manage)


next time I have a workout, I'll drop on by.


Rained out again! I'll leave it at that.



Mobitliy , shoulder dislocates,ytwl

A flatbench 4x4 205*
wu 135x4,185x4 210x4,205x3x4

B Incline DB neutral grip 70x3x9

C1 prone trap raises 15 lbs 3x12
C1 lying ext rotation 10 lbs 3x12

D side planks 3x30 secs bw+25**

*I suck at bench-
210 felt like well allot.
the dbs got real heavy on the last set.

**side planks-
I added a 25 plate these are kind of annoying
so I guess I needed them

overall I felt ok- I am loving the ammount of
shoulder help



Where's the E part of the workout? Are you slacking?


and you called me mean...

drill sgt. (don't call me Ma'am, I work for a living) ouroboro


The E part was a special request from OBs
not part of the protocol :slight_smile:


I actually had to work yesterday, so no Wed workout.

On another note, my right ball is killing me for some reason. Hope it's not related to my Monday deadlifts.


I work for a living and my parents are married. I've heard that one many years ago more than I care to think about.


This what I did yesterday;


bar x warmup
(working sets)
315x 5 sets of 3- each rep working set paused

BB FLOOR PRESS (legs straight)
(working sets- all reps paused)
295x 4 sets of 2

all reps paused

a bunch for a bunch

Did not have a spotter for any sets, nobody I trusted in the gym. This training alone certainly sucks sometimes


ya - me too


5/7/09 5/3/1 Bench (5), 2d wave
Military Press:
5x 45/85/110/125
145x 7
Accessory Military Press (supersetted with pull downs)
105x 10/10/10/10/10 ^
Pull Downs
150x 10/10/10/10
165x 10 ^

Fatness: 300 !!
Time: 28 minutes !!
Money set 1-rep equivalent: 178 (no PR)

My observations and snivelling will remain on my thread


Todays training.

5.7.09 lower
mobility, a ton.
OH squat 95x10,95x15*

A front squat 205 4x6**
185x8 wu 185x6,wu

B rack pull from patella 4x6
225x6 wu 315x6 wu , 405x6,425x6(straps) 405x6

CBulgarian split sqaut 3x5

D1 Pull thrus 3x12
D2 hanging leg raise 3x10

OH squats set me strait for the warm up.
last set of front squats killed me.
rack pulls - concentrated on forcing the hips thru.

thats it, felt good.


7 May 2009
Week1, wave 1-5?s
Bike 10m, sh rehab, ytwl
Bench (tested max 195, training max 175)
WU 45x10, 65x8
Working 115x5, 135x5, 150x9 (1rm eq 195)

BBB bench 85# 5x10 superset with
Kroc Rows 75 5x10


Friday-Upper Body

rp= rest paused

Flat DB Bench 90 9,5,3 rp
BB OH Press 115 7,4,3 rp
HS Iso Row 145/side 13,8,7 rp
Dips BW+80 7,4,2 rp
Rack Pulls 405x6, 315x12
HS Ab Cr 140 3x8

Thats weight PR's on the DB Bench and Dips and Rep PR's on every thing else. I forgot I was going to do Rack Pulls today so I wore shorts instead of sweats. So as I got to my working set the kurls on the bar were tearing the hell out of my thighs so I had blood running down them as I did my working set and my high rep set. Freaked teh hell out of a kid next to me. Good times.


LMAO this should be called "The Elderhood of Iron" :wink:

Last 2 workouts:

Yesterday: Back/Biceps

Pullups (10s between):
BW x1 x2 x3 x1 x1 x1

BO DB Rows:
55x10(fatgrips), 80x12, 120x20, 135x10

Lever Lat P/D:
160x20, 180x15, 200x12 +2 +2

Standing alt curl:
12, 10, 50x7, 55x3

Low Lever Row:
160x12, 200x12, 220x10

P/W curl: 10, 10, 70x5

Today: Shoulders

S.M High Inc. Press: 12, 10, 9, 160x8
1-Arm DB Lat Raise: 12, 12, 10, 45x10
DB Seated Sh. Press (straight back): 10, 10, 80x8
Rev. Inc. Rear Delt DB raise: 15, 11, 10, 8x45
1-arm DB Shrugs: 120x20, 135x15

15 min. rec. bike

I slept until 8 today, got up, ate, worked for 2 hrs, ate, slept till noon, got up, ate, worked until about 2:30, ate, slept til 5pm, got up ate a little, worked out, ate, now typing waiting to eat. I felt like shit all day and really had to force my workout today... but I made it in and did what I could. EVERYTHING. FELT. SOOO. HEAVY today...


weight 185

Cycle 2, Wave 2 (3's)
Military Press
155x8 (Rep PR +2reps - est. max 192)

Rear DB laterals
25's 10x5sets

Weighted Pullups
BW+20 10x2sets
BW+20 9x1set

Tate Presses
40's 8-10x3sets

Feeling good. Except for the pullups. Fixing form hurts right side like blazes behind the armpit. Which is perfect because that's what needs to be built up.


The Iron Boneyard.

Nice effort. Time for a break?