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I am also a little older then most (in my 50’s)I respect you all have been studing body building for many years. I have questions about my general low T levels. I’ve been using cycles for the last 8-10 years in moderation. My doctor claims my T levels are low (during my post cycle recovery)due to the fact that I am 50-something years old. My concern is I want to have a consistant level of T at all times, Is it crazy or studip to think I can stay on a low level of T without stopping in between cycling? I don’t want to F up my body’s ability to produce T on it’s own.

You probably could maintain an adequate level of testosterone through exogenous administration. After that is wha HRT is.
However that said the longer you stay “on” the less ability you will have to recover sufficiently or timely due to your bodys adapting and just through the fact that you still getting older.
Even now I probably couln’t recover to a level commesurate with a man in his 20s

Guys: I am in my early 40’s and will be doing my 1st cycle here in the near future, after much research. Been lifting on and off for 20 years. My main concern healthwise is LDL/HDL cholesterol levels and prostate health, among other things, which I would think would be a concern if you stayed on continually even in a light cycle, especially if you’re plus 40. It seems like Triblus or some other over the counter test enhancer might be a better idea with an cycle thrown in here and there.

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