Older body builders & Gear

Does anyone have any comments on older body builders 50 years old plus using gear, any pros or cons.

Other than the usual warnings like liver damage from alkylated orals, infection from injecting etc. I can only think of one age-related health concern, and that’s prostate enlargement. If you have a family history of prostate enlargement, I’d use a small amount of finasteride with your cycle.

The other concern would be heart related. The increase in sodium and potasium retention can cause conjestive heart failure in persons who have heart/ cardiovascular disease

I forgot to add my pros: the pros that I can think of off the top of my head would be:

  1. increased youthfull vigor and energy
  2. more satisfying sex life
  3. increases in both skeletal and bone mass
  4. loss of fatty deposits

If I was older than fifty I would stay on all year round.

C’mon P you stay on all year round now don’t you?
50 it sounded ancient. Then I realized its only 7 years away…sucks getting distinguished.

You’ll never be distinguished if you’re chasing 20 y/o’s

Yep, agree with Warhorse. Afterall, you are what you eat.

i could care less about age. as long as i am on a steady diet of young tight ass i will be happy.(for you homo’s, assume that young tight ass means a young tight females ass)i just never know with you guys. not that theres anything wrong with that.

OH, sure go ahead and rain on my parade Drago…Partypooper.

I would be concerned about the BP issues etc. They could be mitigating factors at a higher age but if done careful and properly I see the health benefits actually out weighing the risks.

I guess I’d want to have my health monitored by a professional if I was 50+ – unless I had already lived a full life and banged all the 20 y/o’s I wanted.

I’m frustrated today. College roomate took me out for lunch and picked up our waitress who was a very hot blonde (with abs) 20 something.

And right in front of the 18 y/o he had brought with him!

And she was about 10 years younger than him…

Yeah I’d want to have my health monitered by a 20 year old nurse. Better yet one a them candy stripers…