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Old Wannabe Offended By Chalk?!

So this is making the rounds on social media tonight…


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My buddy owns a gym and won’t let chalk in lol. Apparently it leaves a mess. Having a bucket of chalk and a 4 and 7 year old I’m inclined to believe him. Still, this dudes a super douche, but a big super douche :joy:

That is dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Can’t believe people do shit like that. Instead of being focused on his own workout he’s worried about what other people are doing. I hate that shit!


At a certain point chalk becomes a safety thing. I am not about to take a max attempt on anything without it.

The strange thing is the older guy looks like a pretty serious lifter himself

Should have sat on his lap and given him a kiss. That would have sorted it out fast


Kinda cool that the featured comment is from Martins Licis though.

That is just no good at all. I can’t imagine doing that even to people I know well and goof off with, let alone s stranger going for a PR.

Well balanced kid though. He handled that very well.

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No 5 pound plate to the side of the head?


Dude in the red shirt was probably dropping his deadlifts and deserved a time out.

Surely there is more to this story. If it happened as implied, I would not have handled well, at all.

Followed through on instagram link, kid is a little “showy” if you will, old dude probably took offense to it, there’s probably an official no chalk rule, so the old dude took the opportunity to do whatever…

Non-PC comment: triple bodyweight deadlift is plenty, need to spend more time @twojarslave, in the basement.

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There is always two sides to a story, and usually somewhere in the middle is the truth.
It seemed to me like he was showing off for the camera.

Definitely the truth.

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Best way to deal with a dickhead is to be an even bigger dickhead in return…

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Well we do have ways of controlling spaces like this, especially when the fellow seems to be rather top-heavy.

What we don’t have are ways of avoiding assault charges and lawyers.

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there is literally nothing that could justify this. The ONLY course of action a member should be taking is alerting management, if he feels another member is misusing equipment. You never, ever, EVER do what he’s doing, under any circumstances. I don’t care what the dude in the red shirt did. He could have been dropping his deadlift. Making a complete mess with the chalk (clearly not the case, the area is clean). Yelling obscenities. punching mirrors. Fucking anything. Doesn’t matter, you don’t take up the issue yourself, you involve management.


Reading the associated post - it looks like this was overall about a 25 minute ordeal. The guy was mean mugging him for 15 minutes plus (according the poster, and if it was his entire deadlift session, the 15 min timeline fits).

I consider myself pretty patient, but rolling the weights aways and sitting on them - I would not be a happy camper and would make sure that guy could not get back in the gym ever again.

Not as bad as this guy tho:


I agree management should have been notified, maybe they were, who knows. Apparently no one showed up in the 15 mins this video was filmed though.

As I said, I would not have handled it well, there would have been a confrontation.