Old vs. New Rehbands vs. APT Convicts

I currently use the old blue Rehband knee sleeves. I was just wondering if either of the other two produce a less offensive odor, cause man…the Rehbands get gross.
Also, my Rehbands tend to start feeling really uncomfortable behind the knee after a while. I’d like to know how the others compare in that regard.

Get a bra washing bag [no rly. its for bras] and put your poly sleeve up in there and get them in the wash 1-2x per week. Getting some color-safe bleech and borax on them keeps them fairly smell free. It’s a bitch when they get smelly before they get fuct up.

I think you’ll find that either product is likely similar to the next.


i havent had a problem with my APT convicts. as im sure you know, they arent neoprene, so while they keep my knees warm, and they do sweat a little, the sleeves arent nasty and wet feeling when i take them off like neoprene would be. i havent noticed a smell, and ive been using them for a few months.

Thanks for the info, Avocado and dez.

dez - Just out of interest, are you using the single-ply or double-ply knee sleeves?

I’ve my TK’s like 2 years, wear em all the time, never washed em and they don’t smell!! (and I sweat, A LOT)

single ply. they provide just what i need. i imagine the double ply might actually give some carry over. in fact, the singles even make me think im getting some carry over. im sure theyre not actually, but if i think so, every little bit helps!

i know wut u mean, my rehbands smell like shit lol. although i have the newer ones.

if you get the APT convicts, go UP a size from what they suggest. the do it based on weight, as a lot of people do, not sure why, as it would make much more sense to go off of maybe some leg measurements, but i went up and these are tight, i dont think id even be able to get them on if i went with my “correct” size