Old Video Review - Then and Now

Does anyone who has been on TNation for awhile ever go back and look at their old vids or posts?

I looked back at some of my first posts on here when I started lifting and they are embarrassing. When I look at the videos and read my posts I cant believe it is the same person. I had no muscles and had no clue what I am doing.

Maybe we could do a “then and now” thread where people post their first squat vid they took from way back and then post a recent. All I think about is how far away I am from where I want to be, I forget to look back and say thank god I dont lift like that any more.

Lol I’ve been on here for less than a year and am already shaking my head at the stuff I posted when I started. Think it’ll be interesting to see the difference of the mindsets and weight being moved of older members

Thats why I dont post much, I try to be absolutely certain the advice or critique that Im giving out is valid and not some dumb shit

Its just a part of getting older. You start to appreciate the old guys and the knowledge they have to offer, once you realize what they have learned through experience.
(I think the same thing about politics. I can’t believe the things I said or how I felt about the world ten years ago. I guess taxes will bring around that change in people. LOL)