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Old Vials, Are These Still Good To Use?


My friend's got some old UGL Masteron that he bought 4-5 years ago, the stuff is legit for sure but is it good to use anymore?


Has it gone over the exp. date?
Are they still sealed?


Sorry should have been more accurate, no exp.date as they were results of home brewing not from a UGL.Still sealed and just kept in cellar or somewhere out of sunlight(if that even matters,i'm not sure).


IIRC, Bill Roberts has said the potency of the drug drops like 1% per year after the expiration date.

So, yeah, it should still be fine as long as it's sealed.


You're almost certainly fine. Good to hear they are homebrewed rather then UGL (provided your homebrewer took care in his preparations, of course). I'd worry more about UGL gear itself than the gear's expiration date.


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