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Old TRIBEX Formula


Are there any other T-Nation members out there who think the original TRIBEX 500 formula with Ipriflavone was superior to any of the later formulas. Several other T-Nation members have confirmed this with me. If anyone still has any of the original formula still laying around or any formula prior to Biotest going nanodispersion technology, please let me know. I would like to start a ground up campaign to encourage Biotest to go back to the original clinically-proven formula.


I just happen to have one bottle of what I believe is the very first formulation (white bottle with blue type and red accents). I kept it primarily for memory's sake. I believe it is still at least half full. I knew one day that it would become a collectible! :slight_smile: What specifically do you want to know?


I for one think that the current TRIBEX formula is a drastic improvement over the original TRIBEX-500.

I liked the original, but have seen a greater effect with the current TRIBEX (and Alpha Male.)


Well thanks for the honest feedback but I have collected responses from several others on my private message center that whole heartedly agree that the original formula was superior.