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Old Toyota Tacoma Commercial?


Hey Fellas,

I was wondering if anyone remembered/had a link to an old 2006 Tacoma commercial. The ad goes
something like this:

1 skinny customer walks in, and speaks with 1 skinny sales rep about the Taco; they walk over and hop
in the truck, and INSTANTLY turn into two large guys. The sales rep says 'did you see all
of the room in the back seat' and the customer says 'you mean all of that room back there?' and drops a
huge arm flex, similar to the 'where's the beach?' phenomenon.

I've searched several youtube pages, google, almost everywhere. Any help or information would be
much appreciated.


No, but I drive a Tacoma and I never suddenly get huge when I hop in it.


Forever a dwarf, contrary to what the ad led you to believe.

So sad.


You posted this on the other "T-Nation" too didn't you





NFI about the ad you are talking about OP. But here is my contribution to the thread.

Hey Charger!