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Old Threads New Again?


Since the retooling of the site, I find that I’m continually getting prompts to view old threads that haven’t been active in years.

So, as time presents itself, I’ve started rereading some of the longer ones (over a few days here and there), and seriously forgot how good, entertaining, informative, and sometimes just insanely funny some of them were.

I was wondering if anyone else is doing this, and if they’ve rediscovered some favorite gems to share.



I have been enjoying the hell out of older threads. The wecter 5’11" one is probably my favorite.


Tons of them! They make up the large majority of my browsing.


Yeah. Some funny old shit there.


This one just came up as a notification. Great one and an awesome show of character. We have a Pomeranian and a peekapoo at work. They are the best shop dogs in the world.


I just got one talking about the “NEW Grow bars” :slight_smile:



Just re-read 10 men vs. 1 Chimp…


^Old thread on Dorian Yates. Some good pics in there.