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old thread on T2 and guggul


I did some digging in the forums and found a thread where Bill Roberts says he used or was going to use guggul with T2 pro. Has anyone seen a follow up from Bill? Was it right in front of my face and I over looked it? Has anyone else used this combo? Was it effective? I'm interested in the potential anti-catabolic/nutrient partitioning effects more so than the fat loss aspect. It seems as though it could be more effective than Hot-Rox in helping put on mass while staying leaner. Don't get me wrong Hot-Rox is the bomb for fat loss but I'm not intertested in fat loss.


I looked again and I think Bill was talking about the old T2 with guggul. Makes more sense with t2 pro though. Any ideas?


Having used both versions of T2 with guggulsterones, Hot-Rox is superior for losing fat and maintaining or even adding a bit of muscle mass while dieting.


No, I'm interested in putting on big mass while eating big and letting the supplement keep me leaner while possibly contributeing to more mass gains. I've been looking into thyroid and its functions and though it's big with the bodybuilding community for cutting I'm interested in its possible anabolic side effects for mass building. We can all manage the big one, insulin, with proper diet/post workout nutrition. But how about thyroid? Even if I could get ahold of the old T2 I wouldn't use it because it surpressed natural thyroid production. I'm interested in manageing it and using it to my advantage. I also do not want to use Hot-Rox this way right now as the added ingredients are somewhat irratating to me- caffeine, 5HTP, niacin. I do not want to supress appetite and I do not want to get addicted (though mildly) to caffeine. Like I said, Hot-Rox is the best supplement for loosing fat while gaining a little muscle. But I'm interested in the opposite end of the spectrum. Making big muscle faster while not gaining quite as much fat. This combo seems to make sense with methoxy-7 added in there. Key point here is "nutrient partitioning". These supplemtents together might pound more aminos and other nutrients into the cell than Hot-Rox could while not being supressive in any way. Also, not illegal or in danger of becoming illegal any time soon.