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Old Thread Full : Living One Day At A Time, Enjoying One Moment At A Time!

Cavalier wrote:

[quote] As an instructor, I see the other side of the coin. I carefully set up the schedule so we have exactly the right amount of time for everything . . . then students keep wanting exceptions. Someone’s sick with flu . . . someone’s going to a wedding . . . students work and can’t get to class on time . . . sigh. I offer tutoring sessions for students in the evening, but they can’t make it . . .

One student just told me his wife’s expecting their first child during finals week, so we’re working to accommodate that.

Please don’t tell me you consider class a good place to relax and catch up on stuff like texting people and checking email while the instructor talks.[/quote]

You may have misconstrued my rant. I was simply pointing out how difficult working full time and carrying 13 credit hours was, not making an excuse. Unlike the kids of today, which I got to sit in class with, I never asked for or expected an accomodation for my circumstances. And, as a rule, I pay attention to lectures. I don’t like my time being wasted so I make sure to treat others the same way.

New thread! I’m first!

Absolutely had no intention of accusing you of being a shirker. I respect your commitment and wish more of my students had such a responsible attitude. I do get frustrated with a few of the students who seem to consider class as low priority on their to-do list.

I assure you that the instructors greatly appreciate your attention in class.

Sat, May 19 2012

Bench - 260x5, 260x3
Dumbell rows - 100x7x5

Sun, May 20 2102
Box Squat - 205x5
Clean Position Shrugs - 220x10x5
Weighted Back Raises - 25x5x5

Weight 204#