Old Test/Tren/Mast, Expired 2016

My last cycle ended three years ago. I started my first one since then last night and randomly found leftovers from the last one. There’s about 2ml each of test prop/trenA/mastP. It says it has an exp date of 10/2016. Does anyone know if those are valid? Would it do any harm to use it to jumpstart this cycle? I’m assuming it’s just not going to be anywhere near as effective, I just want to know if there would be any potential downside.

Not necessarily harm, but from my understanding, they should have lost most of their potency by this point. I’d have to look more into it to be sure, I’ve never used gear THAT old… lol.

Honestly though, if it were me, I’d just discard them. 2mL isn’t really worth holding onto imo.

if it helps I called my pharm a few weeks back regarding the same thing on a bottle of test. they were not so much concerned w the potency and shit as much as they were about the sterility of the stuff. they told me the exp was more about guaranteeing the sterility of the stuff than anything else. don’t know if this was useful info or not. by the way I tossed the shit out and got more.

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Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t planning on using the tren or mast, just the test prop to jumpstart this cycle. Sounds like it’s not worth it.

I know this may sound crazy, but I had several vials of test and eq that expired in 2006. I filtered the test and used it for my trt and and banked the test I was perscribed. I had blood work done on the 12 year expired test and it was excellent. And yes I had the vials in my possession since 2005. UGL. I’m running the EQ right now. Not condoning, just saying.

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How did you filter it?

.22 micron whatman syringe filter. 10cc syringe. New sterile vials.

I still think the exp 2006 vials would be sterile if they were originally prepared properly, and stored correctly, not in direct sunlight, and the rubber stopper has not perished.

I’m sure they are. I didn’t filter the EQ.