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Old T2

Does anyone know where I might be able to find
the old T2 product?


I picked up some of the old version at thepowerstore.com. Give them a call and they should be able to tell you what version they have.

dpsnutrition.com. It’s on sale, too. I assume they’re trying to clear out their stock because they’re also carrying T-2 Pro now.

What is this product (including the Pro version) and is it effective?

I just got some from netrition.com

Steve— read the 'supplement roundup 'article at t-mag for info.


Thanks guys.

go to prosourceonline.com and beyondmuscle.com They have biotest products and good prices. Both had T2 pro.

Beware unauthorized online sellers of Biotest. I’ve been burned by one who didn’t ship my order, yet billed me, and others that had terrible customer service. According to the folks at Biotest, Netrition.com is the only authorized online source, other than BiotestEdge.com of course.

I’ve been using DPSnutrition for over a year. I do large orders on a regular basis and have never had any troubles. They always ship on time and I have never had backorders. Just my two cents. I think they are very credible.

I second ironbabes comments regarding dps nutrition. Great mail order service.