Old T2 formula

I just picked up 5 bottles of the original T2 formula. I wanted to know if anyone has any feedback on how they used it and how effective it was.

Gigon, T2 is an “old” (as in it’s no longer made/produced by Biotest) supplement.

If you use the (re)search engine to the left of your screen and check out the forums and the mag, you’ll get all the information you’re looking for; personal experience, how to dose, how long to take before cycling off.

There were actually docs that told their patients to buy the T2 instead of writing a scrip for T3. It’s a pretty amazing/powerful/effective supp!

I used the old formula (still have 3 bottles) along with T-Dawg and MD6. I saw amazing results (from 20% to 13% bf). I believe they quit making it because the pharmaceutical companies sued saying that the supplement was as effective as prescription meds. Make sure you follow the xx weeks on an xx off or you risk suppression of your thyroid. I don’t remember the numbers, just use the search engine for specifics.

Thanks Tampa Terry and Burke. Right after I posted, I checked out the search engine. A lot of good info in there. I did not realize it was that strong of a supplement. Thanks.

Where did you find the old formula anyway?

Burke, I have a couple of bottles myself that I got recently. Just do a search on Google for T2 and Biotest. Maybe throw a hyphen in front of the word “Pro,” like this:

T2 Biotest -Pro

That kind of search will make sure you’re not pulling up any T2-Pro hits.

If you don’t find any, let me know. There’s a discount nutrition store here in town that has some. I just think you can get it for a better price if you do a search on the 'Net.

I found two sites followint TT’s advice. Also found Methoxy on one of them as well, which is good since I’m in the middle of a Methoxy cycle and need some bottles. Can’t wait for the reformulated (and price inflated) NEW methoxy.

I just picked up 5 bottles of Methoxy also, at a ridiculous price.

The methoxy I saw was cheep but not crazy cheep…where did u get yours?

I just got Methoxy also…19.36 per. You got a better price?

I got 5 bottles for $68 shipped. Thats $13.60 per bottle. 5 Bottles of original T2 for $61 or $12.20 per bottle. Pretty sweet huh?


If u dont mind, where did you get it?

Yea, where did you get that deal?
The site I got the T2 from said it was their last 2 bottles. How bout some help here.