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Old T2 Followed by T2Pro

Sorry if this has been answered before but my server or something is down and I am limited as to where I can go on the web. Anyway I found I can purchase the old T2 formula and was wondering if I could use the new T2Pro following immediately after the old T2 is used up, or if a break of some kind is warranted between the two. Thanks guys.

Go ahead and cycle between the two. T2 basically takes over and will suppress normal thyroid function. T2-Pro provides the ingredients to support optimal thyroid function. A simple analogy would be T2 is to T2-Pro what MAG-10 is to Tribex 500. Not exactly, but I hope you get the point.

Jason, after reading Brock’s article from last week I was think about the use of T2 and T2pro. Since thyroid recovers in 4 weeks with no help from any exogenous agent much the same way testosterone recovers, would it be plausible to think that with the help of T2pro you could go in a 4 week on-2 week off cycle with T2 and T2pro? Just an idea. Biotest says to cycle T2 4 on-4 off.

Which one is better for cuttin’ up? I have access to both. Thanks.

If you have access to both, I would use T2 through the cutting cycle, but preferably just near the end of a cutting cycle because I don’t think you really need until later in the ball game. When returning cals back to maintenance following the length of the cutting cylce, I think that T2-Pro would be a good option. 4 weeks on T2 followed by 2 weeks on T2-Pro would be fine (I’m assuming that you are not going to jump right back into another T2 cycle). I guess you could, but one day you’ll have to get used to staying lean without stimulants and thyroid aids. As for which one is better for cutting up, use T2 throught the cutting phase and T2-Pro when switching back to maintenance.