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old supps

just a question. i have a lot of old suppliments left over from when i used to be more of a “hardcore” lifer (well not really) about 6 months ago. however, i have not lifted at all in that time span and have let my suppliments remain constantly refridgerated for that time span. i am not worried about some of the goods spoiling, but i am wondering what would be the likeliness (just a guess) that my bottles of mag 10, androsol “enriched” with tren, and methoxy 7 would work. like i said it’s been about six months or so… i’m just trying to get an idea of what to expect out of the supplies i have on hand. i would hate for over $600 worth of supps to go to waste. i plan on taking them no matter what, but i would just like to know beforehand what my “odds” are of the supplies working. any replies would be appreciated; like i said i’m only looking for ballpark figures. thanks a lot. -rush15

Yeah, I’ve got Mag-10 left over from February or when it first came out. I’d be interested in knowing too. I bought a lot of it at the time and I’ve been waiting until the time is right.

bump… one thing, i spelled lifter wrong in my first post and am not a “hardcore lifer”. just didnt want anyone to think i was doing the BFL programs. been a t-mag follower for quite some time, i just fell into a real slump in my life and quit lifting for awhile. any post would be appreciated on the shelf life of the prohormone supps. thanks

They are absolutely worthless, send them to me and I will dispose of them for you.

The Finasol would be the only supp in question since I have had experience with Fina degrading over time. It will just be ineffective not dangerous though and could be tried if I were in your shoes. Everything else that you mentioned should last years.


thanks for the input, EDog. I knew the fina would degrade over time, but i wasn’t sure if the prohormones and methoxy would degrade like the trenbolone would. i’ll still try spraying it though, as i’m sure the 4-ad would still be active at least. just gotta wait a few weeks to finish this phase of what i’m doing before i bring the supps into the picture. i’m already getting anxious.

There’s a customer service section in the “Send Feedback” on the main menu. I usually send questions like this to them and they do a good job getting back to me.

thanks for the info. i’ll try that.

Wait, wait, wait. I’ve got two packets of fina in my fridge dedicated to my late fall mass phase. Anyone think they can sustain full potency for another couple months? Afterall, they are being kept cold in storage. And I read that it takes a long time for them to degrade, even under room temp conditions. 'Lil help here? Thanks. Lata.

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